Dirty scumbags called Indians

Alafu unawapata hapa Kenya wakisumbua raia, those fckers are pigs




Wanazika wafu wao hapo ama it’s murder going on?

They don’t zika, they cremate. Poor people may not afford enough firewood to completely burn the bodies, so they do the best they can and let Ganges take care of the rest.

Go to youtube and watch and learn about those two scared rivers, Ganges & Yamuna

Indians ni takataka sana.Rabid racists whose favourite past time is molesting women sexually

be scared of people who even discriminate their own, Ninjas discriminate along a very rigid class system ya castes. Yes, classism is everywhere, but these ninjas have institutionalized it. Yaani, the only way to be upgraded to an upper caste is to know your place in the current caste…and live it out. Yaani Die hoping you will be upgraded…in short its not guaranteed. Takataka sana.

its their women sioni shida yako iko wapi. wewe concentrate na your emaciated pokot women walking naked. ghassia

Niaje malaya bukusu

Hell on earth