Somalia has thrown the first punch in the latest diplomatic row against Kenya.

Can’t wait for Kenya to respond.

Interesting times.


Its not the first punch, its the HAMMER BLOW/KO/RKO/RIP.


It would be nice if you could say what happened.



Yes kidole sambusa

Why do Kenya have to stoop so low.Somalia isn’t even a country and it is flexing its wasted muscle on a sovereign republic

From what I know is that we need jubaland for not only the maritime dispute but also as a buffer zone.

These somalis are jokers. Am sure this ka prezzo of theirs has his family and clan hidden somewhere in South c na anarusha mawe huku…

You motherfuckin need it as who??

The cab driver has alot of property in Kenya.

You’re right, most people don’t understand the regions geo politics, we’ve been working on that buffer zone for years.

Meanwhile, all Kenya has to do is close the borders and threaten to close dadaab and the zoo mammals will come crawling, begging and pleading… It’s an old script:D:D

Does that give you right kumchokoza?

I mean, hosting his people

Yes. That is exactly how hospitality works.

Vile mnashinda mkisumbuana hapa, si siku moja katatamba mtorokee Kwetu?

Of all places???

Majority of the Gobernment of Somalia have residences in Kenya. They can’t really afford to push their luck to far. Their grievances are legitimate, in my opinion. but the options they have to address those grievances are limited. It’s a frustrating situation to be in and I sympathize fully with the Somalis.

Uganda na tanzania zikiwa wapi?

Flexing our muscles with a failed shithole republic like Somalia is stooping too low. We should find other more meaningful battles to fight.

lets deport their looters wenye wameficha mali huku.

but govt iangalie vizuri there is a sinister reason that somali fool of late is trying to provoke Uhuru into something

what muscle are ya’ll flexing when they just got sent back to Kenya. Delusions upon delusions