Dining with the Murayas

Leo niko macho sioni niki dose.
Next door neighbours wakona wakona land feud they been running battles from 7.30 pm on and off…im staying awake it doesnt spill over kwetu nishtukie in my sleep.
Now nilikuwa nataka kuwatch series inatwa gomora inikalishe macho…but as im flipping channels before nianze movie…i stumble on this progi of these 2 celebs discussing domez…todays topic is the wifey overheard eavesdropped hubby telling buddy over the phone that he tired of marriage.
They called in wazee and pastor for advice people are funguaing moyo.
As much as our celebs are trying to create new revenue streams…dont some of these progis seem lame?
How much cash do these series even make anyway?
Program looks lame to me…scripted and not off the cuff.
Anyway…good luck to them…back to gomorah.

This is soooo fake.its annoying really…its just downright annoying.watched once didnt finish.I wish wangeleta akothee shes more real

Subsaharans problems; can’t relate

You must have a very large clitoris to watch those two idiots

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D nimeipata ikiendelea…nikaona wacha nijaribu.
Cant believe a grown womans confessing menopause on t.v nime try ku ji imagine at that age niki declare erectile malfunction or premature excavation on tv kama nimekazia watu sura…hata huyo camera man anapitia mchujo ku record hio stuff.
Wonder how large their viewership is and how much they raking in.


Maybe 400k per episode? Haikuwangi dough mbaya.

Wah. Really! Sawa.

ao murayas ni wagani? i consider it a sign of maturity that i don’t know them

Ah, I’ve watched the show. Basically it’s counselling for couples. Kusema ukweli it’s quite interesting, even though it feels like a script with the obvious issues being discussed. I think it might make it to season 2. Either way it’s better than those rubbish Mexican soap operas.

Mexican soaps are something else all together…hata tusifike hapo.
Sawa ka inakubamba…but this show sio convincing.
Although i might add size 8 alinikalia supuu kiasi jana kwa hio show…my first time to see her performing on tv.
Heard she sings…hata sijawahi skia ngoma yake hata moja hata niki iskia kwa tenje siwezi sema whether its her or not.

I agree the issues sio convincing but I feel the goal of the show was to do counselling and guidance. It’s a welcome break from hizo talk shows za Sunday za citizen tv.

You must have an IQ of a locust to find that show interesting, leave alone watching it. Yaani clout chasers wa instagram ndio wamekuwa sasa reality stars wa TV? Hiyo ndoa yao hata haijamaliza miaka tano and they are all over advising people? on what? Juu wamepata tupesa tudogo wanaona sasa they can counsel people?

This is why Osama bin Laden used to bomb people. Because of Stupidity.

Calm down, bro. I’ve watched about 3 episodes. They bring pastors and couples who have been together for even over 20 years. The idea of the show is to give guidance and counselling for relationships in an indirect way. At least that’s what I’ve understood.