Dindu vindicated

Hakuna haja ya A. Unaeza pata D- na bado utakua cabinet secretary in Huster government.


The most useless government since Moi times. Bure kabisa. Serikali ya manamba, pickpocket and other assorted vagabonds.

Kwani si Njenga Karume alikuwa na Z yet you WILL NEVER archive 1% of his networth mbwa hii


AM sure she will not last for long kwa hiyo position. WSR just did this to please them. After one year, utaanza kuskia ma reshuffle kadhaa

Education has been passed through such a mincer, I had even forgotten that grade once existed.

Goja nikuambie ukweli wa maisha bro,

Education is VERY important in today’s life, but together with education you have to be an all rounded person. Kama ulisoma BCom na ukakosa kazi ya offisi get some other line of work after all 80% of people don’t work in what they were trained to do.

Watu wa A work for Watu watu wa C because hao watu wa C walianza kutafuta pesa Mapema na wakajua chochoro because Kenya is an informal economy.

Generation kubwa sana ya waKenya were brainwashed into thinking that wanaenda shule wasome wapate job za ofisi thereby demonizing kazi kama za kilimo as dirty jobs while in the real sense huko ndio pesa ziko.

I hate to say this but she will actually perform well if she concentrates on affirmative action and gender. Public Service is populated by the best technocrats in public service…the best career public servants are based there…she can win them over if she allows them to do their work without interference. She shouldn’t bring her people in that department…if she wants to reward her supporters as is always the case in Kenya then she should do it at the departments of gender and affirmative action

shida iko wapi?

In general the A’s will do better than the C’s, but in this country ya ukora na wizi mwingi, even some who did not even finish basic schooling wanaweza penya watengeneze some billions. Not to take away from the minority who are genuinely and lawfully self made

Na hio ni maendeleo ya hustler govt

Nyinyi na hizo A zenu mmefika wapi in life?

Tell them

najua uko na credentials so nakuelewa

Kila mtu ana credentials, inategemea level gani. Ata D- inasema umemaliza shule.

stupid. Ati affirmative action. Quit pontificating on issues you don’t understand

Boasting that you are better because you got an A is pure nonsense. Hata watu wa D wanaomoka huku nje vibaya sana