Diminishing Returns

I consider myself a thinker. I believe EVERYTHING has a point of diminishing returns. Everything. Think about this:

  • Money. There is a point where more money does not improve your lifestyle significantly. That “enough” point is the point of diminishing returns and new money has lesser impact on your life. A person worth 1 billion and a person worth 50 billion have almost similar lifestyles despite one being fifty times richer than the other. Both have reached that point of diminishing returns.
  • Children. Get one kid, you are happy. 2, 3, 4 by the fifth you start seeing no additional impact and you are just filling the earth literally. 4 kids are enough to most people nowadays so by the fifth there are no additional benefits.
  • Pussy. Get one girlfriend you are okay. A girlfriend and a hot side-dish and you are a star. By the third girlfriend you have to dump one because 3 women are one too many in today’s environment.
  • Business. Own one matatu, you are fine. If you own five, the average income will be less than when you owned 2 because you have crossed that point of diminishing returns. The more matatus you add, the lower the earnings per vehicle.

You need to consider economies of scale, especially hapo kwa matatu, with 5, you can have a fulltime mechanic, buy spare parts in bulk, and other cost-saving measures so that example is wrong
A billionaire can not afford to run a space program or a massive charity but you are on point
Hapo kwa pussy again you are wrong. who wants girlfriends, when you can go out with a different girl every other week, so the more the better, esp for those not in need of commitment

Hapo kwa economy of scale. I agree, an economy of scale is achieved when increasing the scale of production decreases long-term average costs. 3+ girlfriends humess math mbaya

3 girlfriends is manageable if you didn’t attract them using money. I have 3 and my average spending on all of them is around 5k per month.

I like your thinking.
This is true

You are willing to pay more for the first smokie but less for the fifth and you’d actually demand to be paid to eat the 9th.

You actually mean your left & right hand and the blow up doll.

Boss nowadays you cant attract a girl without using money…lakini wewe tunakuelewa ulitumia 1.5 million kwa mapoko wa river road…kiswahili huna

Beta males detected. Juzi there was a story of a dead boda boda guy who’s body was claimed by 4 women at the mortuary. Endeleeni kuspend lakini.

beta male ni wewe spending 1.5 million on river road whores