Dim eyed baboon sues to seek suspension of revised Banking Act

A man has sued seeking to have the amended Banking Act signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta in August temporarily suspended.

Boniface Odour has sued the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), the Kenya Bankers Association and the Attorney-General claiming the Act is unconstitutional since it was not jointly considered by Speakers of both the National Assembly and the Senate.

Mr Oduor argues that the National Assembly has no powers to direct or control the CBK in formulating or implementing a monetary policy.

He alleges that the Act is discriminatory to banks and financial institutions, as it fails to prescribe the penalty for noncompliance.

In addition, Mr Oduor claims that it does not promote sustainable development, human dignity and equality and deprives bank chief executive officers of the right to freedom and security.

He further claims that the Act is vague and if allowed to be implemented as it is, there will be instability in financial institutions.


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revised banking act
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