[ATTACH=full]62879[/ATTACH] If you were the husband of this woman what would you do?

I kill both. No witnesses, no jail.

O.J Simpson style

hii upuss niliona 2002 .


Why does that mzee look like Kiraitu?

Wacha kusumbua kama hangover Monday:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

I’d shoot 'em both in the butt and then call 911. With a good lawyer I’d argue that it was a crime of passion. Baadaye file for divorce.

uko na bibi kwanza…lets start there

just package the wife and gift her to the boy…for firii…

Hehehehe. surest way to mmoja wao kujinyonga.

hehe…mzee emeambiwa atafakari hayo…

venye @gashwin amesema

And they will get to enjoy half what you own

I will walk away then play my game the tuju way.


Kwa Mak Air?

i would do nothing
just ad luck the two were caught , wives are fuccked outside all the time
Sex is overrated

I need to get fucked too hard…niwache kujifanya Mother Teresa hapa !!!