Back during my campus days at Moi, I used to date this black and beautiful girl from thedral. Very respectful and mature. Come graduation and we mutually decided to call it quits as we entered our new chapters in life. After all we had served each other well for four years. We continued as friends though.

She was the first to secure employment with a local bank and two years later I also got a job. I then moved in swiftly to marry my high school sweetheart who was then working with TSC back in shags. We had graduated the same year. The kids followed.

All these time I kept in touch with my ex and updated her on new developments in my life. She was happy for me. We met for lunch from time to time. Laughter all over. It was good. She invited me to her house several times.
There is this day she said I pass by her house and replace a bulb which had blown up. I found her in a transparent leso. Panty clearly visible. That really aroused the sweet love memories we used to have. The sexual escapeds. I wanted to rape her. Mark you, all men are potential rapists and most of you even continue to rape your wives knowingly or unknowingly. She declined to offer slices saying I should respect my union. I insinuated she had tempted me with those panty lines. She laughed and it was over. I left

All this time since graduation she had been telling me that I’ve a nice Dick. Albeit jokingly. I’ve never understood what women mean by a Dick being good. But since that bulb day, I was determined more than ever to hit her again. It wasn’t easy. She was determined to keep me off her panties but she later gave in and it became a routine.

She got pregnant and gave birth to twins. Two identical boys. I secretly did a DNA test with results confirming the affirmative. Am a proud father of four. I pay her rent and provide for the boys. Was recently shocked when she told me that no guy is going to marry her with two kids. A great woman with a wonderful personality. Intelligent. No drama.

Sasa wadau nilikuwa nauliseko, Huyu si ni Bibi wa pili ama??

@Kivisi = Lichoti :D:D:D

If you ever want your stories to be believable, reduce the number of sharp turns.

peleka mbuzi kwao na umimtroduce kwa wife. Chuck Norris would do it too.

people dont plan to add 2 wives people just find themselves. only few get the courage to introduce them to the first lady

@Kivisi digiriri

all men are potential rapists … true

how da fvck do you do that. If you call it quits you quit bana

Ni shetani

Hapana, wewe ndio umechanganyikiwa kapsaa. Ukiamua ni ex yeye ni ex.
Ukichoka na wife angalau kula na cd. Unamwaga ndani halafu unakuja hapa kutuuliza maswali ya kishenzi?

Kivisi= kîhîî Kiaganu= Digi

I liked this story.

But my college sweetheart ni tasa. 12 years since campo na hana mtoto… Nilijaribu kupanada mbegu for 4/l yes nikashindwa…

Labda ukona blank shots…

No I have sired other children…

She has been married for almost 10 years now with no children!

yeah, that’s the real dilema

You are screwed, apparently The reality was you never loved your TSC gal. Tough times for you ahead. She will now demand to be the First wife.
My take: apply for masters majuu. Go study Bro, bure Dig your own grave