[I]So this week my mum called me with the usual “Utaoa lini?” question. Since I had planned to give my parents a visit last weekend I replied

“Mum ntamleta umuone hii weekend nikikuja huko”.

" Sawa ntakuwa nawangoja".

Its so good that she would like to see me continue with the lineage at least she will have the chance to see her grand kids before her days in earth are over. This was the perfect day to take Bernice to see my mum since the old man had travelled upcountry and he wouldn’t be bugging with the “Kwa hao wasichana wote uliona uniletee mtu wa central?”. He is against women from central kenya with the recent portrayings of how they kill their husbands in cold blood and wouldn’t stand seeing his son marry one. My mum on the other side is a little laid back who is of the opinion

" Leon unaeza oa mtu unataka siezi kuchagulia bibi kama unaona ni huyo amekupendeza ni sawa".

It happens that on Sato Bernice and her family were to attend a family gathering at their rural home so she couldn’t make it. It was a big disappointment but nikasema ni sawa. She sent her regards to mum. Since I had promised mum that I would tag along my girlfriend I had to make for it. With quick thinking I decided to call up some kunguru who I used to smash in 2016. She’s usually my last option when I need a favour. With a promise of some alcohol she’s good to go. I called and she was like

“Leon as long as utanibuyia William Lawson mzinga am good to go”. TF!! William Lawsons ndo uliona uitishe tu hungeitisha hata Jameson no wonder standards zako ziko down sana tu ivo. I agreed to ensure she delivers her part of the deal.

Her part of the deal was to act like my girlfriend when around my mum for that weekend only after which I would bring up a story that we broke up such that next time I would introduce Bernice as my real lifelong partner. To say the truth, Miriam (this kunguru) was very pretty. She was of a certain height that I liked and had a nice ass. I was with this chic coz she has a nice pussy but I was tired of hitting the same pussy so I ignored her to which she would fill my inbox with texts like

" Yaani Leon ulikuwa unataka kuma yangu tu?"

So fast forward tulifika home na kama kawa nikagotea mum. I did the introductions and I can say I was impressed with how Miriam was a good ‘actor’ she did it perfectly it seemed real. From the looks of things my mum was much impressed by her. They got along very well which wasn’t planned. They held long conversations with Miriam helping her in the kitchen. My mum was like

“Leon naona unajua kuchagua bibi, huyo sasa utamuoa uachane na hao wengine uko nao”.

Mmmmmh!! So my mum knows I have other girlfriends but its fine its totally fine for a man my age. Marry Miriam?? No!!! Haiezekani. Oh Gosh the way mum was happy with her. The way they got along very well you would mistake them for close relatives. Miriam is from Kambaland and she’s just a smashing material coz huyu kunguru watu wamepitia hapo wameshinda SGR ikiwa imejaa.

To make matters worse they exchanged phone numbers which clearly signified mum would be disappointed if it wouldn’t be her. Today mum texted me and was like

“Utakuja na Miriam sku gani tena?”

Seems Miriam played her part too well to create an impression. Naona Bernice amekuwa dethroned na huyu kunguru.

Villagers hebu saidieni kuna venye nimekwama kwa hyo situation.[/I]

You lied to your mother about something that she holds very dear and cares for…

Your penis is small penis

You are emotionally conning three women, your mum included. The kunguru knew she should only concentrate on your mother you will end up coming around.

Are you sure the said kunguru does not want to get married by you?? o_Oo_O

Never lie to your MUM…Its painful

Wrong thinking, you will end up regretting the whole idea

ii ni uongo.If you did that then you must be a dumb cunt…

You deserve death by burning you male witch!!

Has he said he isn’t?

The designated wife for that day is about to become the real wife…
Kunguru lazima afugike!

Ngombe imeintroduce Mirriam whom she is referring to a kunguru…Stori za @Stinger na za @culture kuamini ni ngumu sana

Sketch, heat map, thermal imagery, photo ama PIN ya Miriam?


Za @culture ni uongo mtupu… Zinafaa ziwe under hekaya section… Ata ile panty kilinusa hakuna evidence…

Another great condom AD.

What is wrong with people. Like ferk si you just tell your mum your girl is busy and couldn’t make it. So simple hii story zote ya James bond ni ya nini?

Nimefika hapo…Next time peleka maina kageni.

The solution is in the post so stop with this dilemma nonsense.

These are the things that may make your real mariage unstable in future.

mirriam went with a plan to win your mum’s heart that’s why she only asked for William lawson pekee