DILEMMA!!!Should i roll back a stubborn driver or download from 3rd party website

Ahem! I have been having issues with this wireless adapter (Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi M.2 Adapter) as some of you know juu nimewai post thread on that.
esp connecting to eduroam networks (Authentication type-WPA2 Enterprise) , at first ilikuwa ina connect normally bila kusumbua lakini ikaanza ku fail ku connect, nika resolve ku connect manually then ikawa connected lakini on the following day ikakataa ata after ku repeat the same procedure ya ku connect manually to the network, ata sikuizi imekuwa worse juu at times inaonyesha no networks available even though ziko. Nime try ku update driver via device manager but comp inadai driver is up to date, so should i rollback the driver ama ni download driver from net?

Sijui sana,but just make sure huyo driver ako na certificate of good conduct. If you want it quick I can organize for you.


3rd party won’t hurt but try using a different OS installation on a different partition.

Unadisable wifi adaptor na kuenable. Some network zingine are just faulty. If not, pitia drp.su update driver zako

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First try with a different WiFi adaptor
.zile za USB…if it gets the signals well n strong then u know what to do

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