Dildos business

Dildos and sex toy business is the way to go. Invest in this & you’ll earn lots of money. Ship cheaply from china, advertise on Facebook, Instagram & Google. Offer delivery. Sit & relax watch money flow into ua bank account. If u want ready market i have my bebs who buy that alot.

Ps: each biz has risks. I suggest you do better research before investing in it.

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dildo made in china is a big No. instead buy them from countries that’ve strict quality control regulations. expensive, yes, and guaranteed safety.

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don’t buy Chinese knock-off dildo, you may end up developing vaginal and rectal complications that may turnout to be irreversible. we all know these guys will manufacture cheap knockoff which don’t meet health and environmental regulations. dildos are used in some of the most tissue sensitive parts in the body, hence extreme caution is required.

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Too late, the people who started it 5/6 years ago are the ones who made a kill. Lately I’ve seen soo many people doing that business online on IG. There’s some lawyer chic called @thevibratinglawyer and she has another page called gspotkenya. She’s built a four storey flat pale Ruaka from that business.
Anyway best of luck though. The trick is how you go about your marketing strategy.

Word, also don’t supplement vegetables for dildo, if need be, use condoms, due to presence of herbicides and microorganisms. You really don’t want these and other impurities settling on those sensitive tissues.

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Hmm unataka biz au ni guarantee unataka

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Id like to know,what are the legal implications of opening a physical sex shop. But one that is not open to all eyes, in a controlled environment


If you find that to be gay, then you have a problem.

In this sanctimonious country, the Ezekiel Mutuas and churchmen will come for you as if you’re the devil incarnate

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