Dignity of the Suffering African.

Where are the images of Italian and Iranian coffins and snot covered mothers crying for their dead. This seems to only happen in Africa.

Global media houses will start publishing images of the dead and dying when corona settles in Africa.

Now we are only getting photos of heroic medical workers and public health press conferences.

We allow them to do so.

We can’t seem to say no to anybody. We also like playing up the victim card.

How else do u get the almighty mzungu to rush in with their greenbacks to save the poor black race?

Weren’t many of you claiming that blacks are immune to covid?

There many parts of Kenyatalk. This is not the anti-science pro-prayer section. That is the part that might’ve advanced such nonsense.

Anti-science and pro-prayer are not interchangeable.

Got it.

Someone asked me yesterday how come Kenyans don’t die of Pneumonia(flu)?

That’s not true at all.

Read this:

Major Causes of Mortality Deaths
Globally, it is estimated that out of every 10 deaths, 6 are due to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs); 3 are due to communicable, reproductive or nutritional conditions; and 1 is due to injuries . In Kenya, mortality trends reflect a similar pattern. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in 2016, the top leading causes of death were pneumonia, followed by malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS, anemia, heart disease and lastly tuberculosis in that order, with contribution rates of 11%, 8%, 8%, 5%, 4% and 3% respectively. Generally, mortality rates have been on a downward trend with exception of deaths resulting from cancer, anemia and heart disease, reflecting a payoff from the major commitments by the Government towards reducing prevalence of diseases as articulated in the national policies .



Mnyonge hana haki na cha maskini hakidumu

Kenyans themselves don’t seem interested in improving their country. They don’t care enough to improve Kibera and Mathare and and Kahawa West and Donholm so why should others pretend you deserve better media coverage