Digital lenders wamemalizwa

A few digital lenders walikuwa wajanja wakaokota pesa wangeweza and declined any further loan approvals.Now there are those that loaned out not knowing things were going to get thick I.e this mofos can’t list anyone on CRB…CBK imewamaliza tayari alafu guys know that if they repay their loans,they won’t get another… Naona tu wakikula hasara and shutting down their business.

its very simple for them… they will just text everyone on the phonebook and chances are 70% of the loans will be repaid

Guys are out of work…it would be tricky

They are pleading with debtors to pay what they can afford

Hao wajinga walinihangaisha Sana na hizo loan zao. Let them go to hell. Wakufe kabisa