Digital Asset Tax

Digital Asset Tax
This is chargeable any time we transfer a digital asset, which is at 3% of the amounts under consideration.
Please note, not tax on profits, tax on amounts under consideration.
Absurdity at its best, beats the principles of income tax, you can’t tax losses.
If you transfer your digital assets ten times in a month, for the very active traders, expect to pay 3% every time.
And it’s the platform that is meant to deduct and submit on your behalf. If this is passed, expect a communique from platforms such as binance on the same.


Okay, examples of digital taxes? Sisi watu wa PayPal withdrawal tuko hapo?

Digital assets ni crypto na NFTs. Kuna zingine lakini hizo ndizo main ones being targeted.

Wakiguza PayPal I will go to the streets. Cryptos nazo sioni ka watapata ene, if already betting kumejaa sites that don’t collect taxes.

Sijatumia paypal for 4 years sasa. Walinisumbua sana nikawaondokea.

Betting sites ka gani

First they came for the boda bodas, but I said nothing, because I was not a nduthi man

Then they came for the mama mbogas
And I did not speak out
For I was not a sukuma mdomo kauka seller

Then they demolished the slum dwellers shacks
And I did not speak out
For I’ve never set foot in a slum

Then they came for me
And alas there was no one left
To speak out for me

1xbet, 22bet etc. I noted you have to download their global app though

Its time to move crypto to self custody wallets and use off ramp platform to swap and and send back to hold… I cant take risks then jambasi and his bloated government come to swallow. Tax everything even the air we breathe.

I use 22bet local app… but they tax … how do u fund the global app?

I see people using astropay pale 1xbet

True crypto wataverify aje ama they’ll rope in mpesa, obviously, this is how we become a surveillance state banae…

You mean Kuna betting kiosks hazijulikani na taxman???

Hii ni kama kusema ukitumia mtu 100k unalipa tax ya 3k.

You can see these slips zenye hawa jamaa hupost.

budah if ur using 22bet or 1xbet install ‘psiphon VPN’, its free kwa phone/comp then those sites wont see ur in kenya hence wont tax you.
kama hutaki kutumia VPN use, haina tax nd you deposit straight from mpesa

Like naeza tumia local 22bet app na bado hawatanitax?