Digi ni kîhîî.

Kinafanya KCPE this year. Kutahiri ni December pale Nax. Mmealikwa kunywa muratina kikipona yaani kikiwa kiumiri. Mje na zawadi.

On reading some of these tings aka comments, well weeeell think it is time to consider how some us contribute on KT.
A real concerted effort to bring this forum down is in full drive.

He has brought the village down singlehandedly !

@digi ananukishia turdmean kitunguu na click baits. Kama hujui he enjoys special privileges uliza penye @Ngimanene na matharo ako, Guantanamo maximum.

:D:D:D:D:Dalichokoza kijana ya mkubwa?

Shosh, andika an article, contribute your opinion, in a good way, and that way the village tastes different flavors of information.

Am not cool with guys calling @digi kihíí. Among Kikuyus that’s not a name you would like to keep repeating.

I don’t really open headliners as I have none to put on here. If I was to do it, it would hinge mainly on matters UK as that is where I live and the majority of Talkers are not here so would not relate. But I contribute to many threads with my 2 naira worth comments. You will most likely catch me start and open a thread in the Entertainment section.
Digi you take opening a thread as a huge achievement.

However, I do not also agree with the Kihii trawling brigade. A total turnoff especially when I imagine some are old men, jifathes…

Hapana, opening threads is no achievement Shosh, every donkey can do that. My pocket bulge is a great achievement.

What does it mean ?

Sijui pia. @uwesmake mbona Digi anitwa kihii na raiya huku. Sijakuwa around.

@digi Kihiiiiiiiiii thie ukaririri nyukwa kihiiiii