Digi kihii

What’s this Digi Kihii am seeing all over kshit?
Is it a new joint like kuhura kanua?
ION my stock of shashamane sensi is dwindling coz of the cold.

@Ngimanene na matharo unaitwa hizi section

The one and only…

Nisaidie na ka T8

T9 labda.

Digiii ni kihiii

Na T 1000?

Thought T9 is a sick shepart

I blocked you.
Can’t see your nansens.


I like that chap, he supports me 115% may he live long. :D:D:D

wewe ni fossil ,i can sense it:D:D:D:D,T9 was an urban legend back in the 80’s of sick dogs in north eastern that happened to infect other dogs all the down to nairobi

unajaribu kusema @Deep sea ni kamshosho?

fossils know T9s and the fear they brought upon nairobi kids going to school on foot:D:D:D:D:D