Digi anafaa kuchomwa

This platform has degenerated to low unimaginable standards. It used to be entertaining and informative. Not anymore.
Ad-mean should institute reforms. Reform K-talk.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 168, 133)]So leave, or at least post on a different forum.
I’m just here to see ass as I chew grass

Enda Senate.

@digi == mefii

Cc @Ngimanene na matharo

Its really not that complicated…


Psss, kuna kitu inaitwa ignore button…

matacore , lanyeh,noogle , meffi sana , burukengehh…

Niaje ndifu.

Just block him by pressing ignore button, personally I couldn’t withstand that mofo

@SkyWalker is @digi


You are unblocked from siberia only to come spew propaganda against me. Ghaseer fagget

Brother …
You said it very well there …

Blocked him long ago