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Its evident. Mwoman sio trustworthy. Except my mother of course.

Women do not believe men should inherit them because men should be breadwinners.

A woman would rather list her married brother/sister as “next of kin” than her own husband. Wueh.

Men feel their wives are in the best position to take care of their children, while women, feel that, mzee mwenye boma will replace them with no time.

Yes, to women blood is thicker than water, afadhali awachie brother yake mlevi over her responsible husband.

If you are expecting a woman whom you have no bloodties with to help you anywhere in this life then u must be mad. There was a nigga who thought to himself that he was set for life just bcoz he had married from a rich family. As fate would have it, as soon as the woman received her share of the inheritance after the demise of her parents, she dumped his ass and moved on with a younger ben ten. In this life, we as men walk alone.

But isn’t that the truth? In case a woman passes on with the husband as NOK, whatever you’ve worked hard for could go to another woman and her kids while yours suffer. Men rarely care for kids when their mother isn’t around.

@M2Random who is your next of kin,i believe when I meet my demise while on duty my wife will inherit about 9 mirrion shillings just from insurance alone,hapa siwezi weka yeye kama befeniciary.

Watoto ndio watazitumia vibaya kwa sababu they didn’t work out it.

Heri wazitumie vibaya than to imagine another woman (a love rival nonetheless) and her kids benefitting. That’s every mother’s greatest fear and the reason why they don’t list the husband as next of kin. It’s better if the kids enjoy their late mom’s hard work to the maximum, ata wakiharibu mali ni sawa tu. Don’t you know how cruel step mothers can be? Now imagine empowering her with your money to further persecute your kids…

I have seen instances where Mpango wa Kando have taken over the funeral arrangements, and moved in within a month.
Especially, if the deceased wife was ailing from terminal illness.

you are talking of a woman just like you, I mean don’t you believe there is a woman who can equally take good care of your kids upon your demise

You expect a contrary opinion from a woman who most likely has her folks as her next of kin ?

It’s painful for one to save 99.999999% of their income and the sheer thought of leaving it all to be enjoyed by a young Lass with perky breasts gives her her the creeps
But it’s only natural

Unasema nini? You’re the same men who swear they can’t raise another man’s seed. Why would I want to help another woman and my hubby raise her kids?? Hell to the no…lol

From where I come, we have a saying that a Wife is your neighbor, your sons are your brothers… My next of Kin is My small BRO… I’m My small BRO 's next of Kin…

wharrarayusayin, I said upon your demise godforbid. Would you rather they live with your parents than with their dad? This is saddening to say the least. I fear for the engineer, why then did you import him from Kenya since as it is some things are unforeseeable like death.

Another reason why marriage is a VERRY big big scam