As exam draweth nigh a certain lecturer of one of the core units proves difficult. Ok. Thing is the guy has taught only one class the entire semester. Skiving all the rest.He then gave us an assignment that needs alot of research NOW a week to exams. What is worse is we’ve requested one not two only one class to review the material, he commits to come but is a no show. When called he’s like he forgot we’re supposed to have class. We are afraid to approach administration because we don’t want to be seen as ‘activists’ or maligning a lecturer. We may be victimised during thesis defence and or supervision. University dons are a tight knit club. If you get on the bad side of one,it could ruin your rapport with all the rest. How can we get one last class to review before exam without antagonizing the one class lecturer? And without asking administration to compel him to meet us. He has several jobs in different counties so he’s always up and down I.e not in Nrb. I was thinking Skype but he’s abit analogue and rudely declined the suggestion from a classmate . How do you deal? Aluta Continua.

You just gave yourself out. This is not a PhD candidate problem …no, not this typa assignments problems




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labda lecturer ako dry spell mbaya mbof

Hata awe na climate change huyu hawezi guza. Kazi bure tu.

I am with the MCOOSHite on this one. Hii ni garagaria ya diploma

I thought you were a PhD candidate.

ndio nimeland wasitoooo

No bwana .NOOOO!!!

Sasa Sweetie?

Kwani munasoma wapi huko.PhD haina assigments and exams? Unless its by Thesis only which Dr.Matiangi said will no longer be an option. What is the big deal about doing a PhD that you so cant believe someone here is doing one? Some families the entire home wako na ma PhDs . You guys ,what I see in you is a small man mentality. Crab mentality. Like owning a car ni big deal. I owned a car at 18 na haikuwa Vitz. Now I own cars and God willing nitapata chopper. I hate small minds. Badala munipe solution ni kuanza kuongea upus. I dont know what I expected from you anyway buh had to try !

I thought you were a retard looking at that avatar

Because a PhD student cant lament when an instructor does one lecture in a semester. They have experience in reading and understanding a difficult concept in two days if not hours.

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poa sana sweets