Difference ya Dame ataitisha 200 na wa 5,000! The plot thickens!

Dame akitaka thao tano, mpe thao tano! Juu atadinywa nje!

If you give her 4,800, she’ll get fucked for 200 bob! If you don’t give the five hundred huku nje tunaBilliwa 5,000! Ukipeana thao tano uko safe! Because either way, you are paying! And not for free! It’s not all for her! She’ll take care of you too!

This will give you more perspective!

Wa 200


Na wa 5,000


Disclaimer! Kama huna CPA(K) uko matatani! Accounting and numbers zinarushwa rushwa! They are mentioning numbers!


I cannot spend more than two minutes watching such kind of crap. Otherwise I’ll develop the @captain obvious syndrome, that is, exteme retardation.

Brother why are you still a poor hopeless flea infested man

nonsense , opusssssss

@administrator rusha watu Kapenguria siku saba wamee akili ndio wapost vitu za maana

Soo ukimpea 5k aitiwe 5k ingine apate 10k atenda ama hataenda???:D:D:D

Hiyi hataenda! These creatures are very specific and they work on a budget! Hataenda but next time hutampea ataCheck if hiyo 5K bado iko available.

This is what a retard looks like


Si mkulane tu! Mnajibizana kama mko on heat!


Very useless stuff

huyu ni jimit??:D:D:D


@Jimit is this you?

Nope. Mistaken identity