Difference Between Self-employed and Entrepreneurs

Kuna hii thread nimeona hapa elders wako self-employed wakisema venye kukuwa employed ni slavery.

Here is the reality: If you can’t disappear from your business for 1 year because it will fail, then you just created a job for yourself to say you’re “self-employed”.

There is no big difference between you and that employed person. The only difference is that you’re not working for someone but you must still show up to your business so it doesn’t crumble.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur is someone who can disappear from their business for more than a year and it still runs smoothly.

So kama wewe ni “self-employed” usijipige kifua sana ati juu hauko employed.

Watu wengine wako “self-employed” lakini hawana ata time ya ku-relax na kuosha rungu weekend. Ni kazi 24/7 na wakijipata hosi weeki tatu kila kitu inasimama.

Self-employment is still a rat race if you must show up to your business.

Strive to be an entrepreneur who doesn’t need to be there most of the time for the business to run smoothly.

Sawa kiss asss wa muhindi

This is a huge difference. Do not overlook the nitty gritty to justify your theory. In retrospect everyman works for the rest of their lives. The only difference is whether they work for themselves or for others.

Good insights but always remember, the rule is to own your time.

You are employed.
You are trying to justify your status.
Stop procrastinating and start your own hustle. You will be surprised what you can achieve out here while only answerable to yourself.

Nani huyo anaweza wacha biashara yake for one year na inaendelea vizuri?

@Kumbaffu unaongelelea wale watu huitwa “investor” wenye hukula dividend, self employed na entrepreneurs lazima wakuwe kwa ground

I have never been employed my entire life.
But I’m under no illusion to think I’m not in a rat race just because I’m self-employed.

I’m wise enough to know that I will escape the matrix when I know I don’t need to work to pay my bills – self-employed or not.

I also don’t lie to myself that I’m better off than everyone who is employed.

Kama huyu Gen Z. It must be nice to be employed like this:


But still… Naeza amka na niamue siendi job hiyo siku, naeza toka job any time nataka. I get to interact with people of different hustles and feed off of them. I set my own goals and targets. Employment is not for everyone.

Another thing that tends to be overlooked is the fact that, for people who have little or no education as myself and are unskilled, they’re more likely to make more in self employment. I doubt there is any job out there that would pay me even half of what I make based on that fact.

Hapa I think its pretty obvious kenye nitasema … sisi watu wa … ama acha tu. Pambaneni na hali yenu pole pole.


Ok, why do you all take as if self employment/entrepreneurship is an easy thing? More than 80% of these small businesses fail. Unaesa pata most of them kazi ni kulipa tu rent. Or jamaa ameeka bibi kwa bizz askae kwa nyumba akamuliwe. Unaesa advise majamaa hapa waache kazi alaf kiumane. Tread carefully

nipee number ya huyu nitombe hadi Easter Monday

That’s my exact point.

I know a lot of self-employed people who are struggling with no consistent income. Others are thriving.

My pint is, kila mtu acheze kama yeye.

Urongooooooo urongooooo mkubwa sana. Hapa unamaanisha you’re very useless

:D:D what are you to trying to say

The person you described, who can walk away from his business for a year, is an investor, not an entrepreneur. He may have began as an entrepreneur but the moment he has enough freedom to skip work for such a prolonged period, it becomes an investment because someone else runs the company on his behalf.

You are confusing terms here. Someone who can stay away from his job( employed or self employed) for one year is rich. Thai is not necessarily a enterpreneur. Someone who can stay away from his job for 20 years plus, is wealthy.

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Shauri yao. Nope. By age 14 I was a mboch, too short to even hang clothes on the lines. Nilikua nakanyaga stool:D:D.

Wewe no @Kumbaffu kweli. Kama Warren Buffet mwenyewe hawezi wacha biashara yake wewe ni nani na theories eti kuwa away for a year? Tumikia kifungo kwa mhindi bila kusumbua.