Difference between how Nakuru East Mp David Gikaria was beaten versus how Muchina was treated

-It is common knowledge that Nakuru East MP David Gikaria is an arrogant loudmouth. The man was recently thrashed like a snake, after he allegedly slapped a police officer. We all know that slapping a cop is a no no, and is indeed considered in many countries the height of misguided arrogance. Regardless, it was still painful to watch a whole Kenyan MP lying on a concrete floor, in the fetal position after an obviously thorough beating.
-My mind then cast back to a recent video where a Muchaina from Beijing was filmed attempting to grab a rifle from a Kenyan policeman, while being arrested for polluting River Chania.
-I got to wonder why MP David Gikaria was beaten so thoroughly, while the Muchaina lived to see another day unscathed. Which is worse? Attempting to snatch an Ak-47 from a Kenyan cop, or slapping a Kenyan cop? Would Muchaina have had such a beating if he had slapped a Kenyan cop? Would David Gikaria have been treated as gently as Muchaina if he had tried to snatch a rifle from the same cop wile he was being arrested


-Here is the link for the raw video where Muchainna attempts to grab a rifle from a Kenyan cop. It is anyone’s guess how many people would have died if he got the rifle. But you will notice later in the video that Muchina’s yellow ass is licked repeatedly by Kenyan cops while a KENYAN CITIZEN is beaten to pulp for an obviously less life threatening offense


A government eats its own children

Assaulting a police officer is a no no. even common sense should make you know that that would cause him or his colleagues to use the firearm - then who would be the loser when that happens?

He he… kumbe hata kiatu ilikuwa imetoka?

mchina was not grabbing the gun per se alikuwa anataka kuonyesha askari pale ata shoot

mwafrika is hard head…muchina maybe soft…hence why no beating fell upon him

that gikaria should have been chunishwad kales with the niceness:D:D

In China it’s best to commit suicide than to find urself in court

They beat him to a pulp…literally.

Atwangwe kabisa thugging M.P.

Kwani mnatakaga aje? Kenyans…

Mara mnaitisha shooting squads… halafu wakitwangwa tena mnalia…


Labda hata kina act sioni damu. Sioni injuries. Nyinyi mnajua wanasiasa nyinyi na kujifanya?

Kutwangwa ni kama ya yule jamaa wa nyahunyo juzi. And that guy got a very soft beating from some fat fargots with soft limbs.

Ukachapwa nyahunyo na pamba you won’t survive. If Pamba kicked you in the chest, wewe ni marehemu.

Atwangwe kabisa kwani Gikaria ni baba yako

If the Chinese guy had succeeded in grabbing the gun, there would’ve been a legitimate excuse to shoot the fucker. He should face charges for resisting arrest.

As for the MP, what he did was assault a police officer- which is an offence in itself and resist arrest. Two offences.


Slap ni assault ingine ya dharau though the police should know better than assault back.

kumira kumira. hapana hutumia mkenya mjuaji.

David Gikaria is a known, yeye ni Mtu fujo na kujipiga kifua. Hio ilikuwa Tu kumtoa vumbi. It served him well.
He is a known thug and a goon. Dawa ya Moto ni @Motokubwa

There is still a caste system ingrained deep in the minds of many Kenyans and the most affected is group is the Kenya police officers.
There was a mzungu who slapped a Kenyan police woman on video and nobody said a thing, not even feminazis. Video iko hapo chini for evidence purposes. He was not even arrested.
Not long after, Koffi Olomide kicked a woman on video and zombies were woken from slumber and became very agitated and started calling for his head. He spent time in jail and was deported and declared persona non grata.
When you notice these things the zombies say you are a troublemaker nyef nyef nyef

This is not true as there was a lot of hue and cry and that is how we got to know about it.

Did he get arrested? Did he get deported? Did he become persona non grata?
The caste system is there. The sooner we agree it exists the sooner we can take steps to get rid of it and achieve world peace:cool:

Was Gikaria really beaten? Or its just a picture of him on the floor in a fetal position?
A lot rumour mongering going on here.
But one thing is true. Gikaria in a thief.

just like our mothers couldn’t beat us mbele ya wageni visitors…:D:D:D