Diesel vs Kerosene

There’s something Kariuki wa ngirogoni always says: that kerosene-tainted diesel inavunjavunja piston rings. Is this it?

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Yeah. Burns too hot for valves, piston rings and all those internal parts…

@wheelz, Jet-A ni kerosene ya wapi inatumika kwa ndege? from the form 3 chemistry i heard years back?

You had a good chemistry teacher kama ulisoma hii.

Jet fuel is for turbine engines. Jet A can be used in diesel piston engines, but it is similar to kerosene. So it’ll cause wear on engine parts.

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American army uses jet fuel even for its vehicles

Kerosene will burn in a diesel engine, but the damage it will cause will make you say billions of blue blistering barnacles! Even if the rings wont break to smithereens, the kerosene, being lighter than diesel, will seep through the rings to the sump, diluting the oil and next you have a soft engine knock! Meanwhile, all rubber O rings and seals are slowly but surely disintegrating, because rubber and kerosene are two very mutual enemies! And mind you, kerosene is not all that cheap as people tend to think.

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I think the engine has to be specifically designed for kerosene. When i was growing up i remember a land rover that used kerosene huko pande za kijabe.

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The same landi could be hooked up to a saw mill, posho mill etc. Had a hand crank ya kugurumisha. Vert hardy car.

I believe kerosene burns faster than diesel. Your car manufacturer has timed the ignition based on diesel .So if you use kerosene an incorrect ignition occurs resulting in an engine knock. Diesel also has a higher thermal content therefore dissipates more energy than kerosene . Therefore you will loose power using kerosene. My guess is the car will run but will give you a very rugged ride. Then the sensors will go haywire before u knock. The more complex the engine is the shorter its drive before death.

Nilidhani ni hoax kumbe…

…in US people have been using that.but in kenya i havent heard of any experiences…maybe reason why watu wanapika chips mpaka mafuta inakuwa black na imejaa tumakaa

Woman, doth thou know how worketh the diesel engine?

I even know how a nuclear reactor works.

At the height of int’l crude oil price hikes, there was a guy in Nyeri County (Naromoru?) who was selling biodiesel obtained from jatropha that he had planted. I recall that when the pump prices was around 100+, he was selling his at 80 bob.

I’m lucky to have been blest with a good memory. I rarely forget what I’ve heard or read.

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Then pray, why doth thou talk about spark plugs?

A nuclear reactor doesn’t need spark plugs. A kerosene engine needs to start the chain reaction, donge?


Kerosene is too flammable for the way in which a diesel engine works.

Diesel engines dont have plugs - injectors instead which are not changed during service