Diesel vs Kerosene

…since our diesel is as thick as porridge(as i have read from a previous thread )…what would happen if you filled your diesel car with kerosene.

Remember: some of those old buses used to use kerosene and there were also small generators which operated on kerosene…meaning its combustible in an internal combustion engine.

Could there be some people who run their cars on kerosene in our country?

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…am serious…could u be one of the dealers who like the ignorant

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…ha ha ha…it shouldnt worry u…it came by sheep…by the way, i earn my living through mother tongue…if i happen to use any other language, i will be out of business!!!

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Kerosene burns hotter than diesel so your engine will wear out faster

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…i believe the cooling system will sort that one out by maybe keeping the fan on for a longer period thus heating i sorted

There is a guy with a TX Prado I Thika that runs on kerosene.

Your belief is wrong. Cooling system can’t cool the valves.

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Jaribu na yako then uje utuambie

…nice…so has he modified the engine in any way? does he fill with paraffin 100% or does he mix with lets say petrol? how does he overcome the hard start when the engine is cold?

…wish i had a diesel machine…have a petrol one

…am learning…let me research more on that

It was paraffin pure I guess. About hard start, it is all about the flash point.

Jet engines use aviation kerosene. Don’t know if that makes their valves hotter.

Ok, I know jet engines don’t have valves.

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Yes I knew someone who used to mix kerosene and diesel on a old hilux 4x4 pickup and drove around okay…
Diesel engines can also work with used vegetable oil…


…vegetable oil yes…

And when you drive around it leaves behind the smell of frying chips.

No way. Kerosene leaves soot. It will mean you replace plugs every 10kms.

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I recall a story I heard on radio back in the 90s, before bio-diesel was in vogue. There was a guy in London who’d go around the cafes and collect their waste vegetable oil for use in his diesel engine car at the time. When the authorities go wind of it, they arrested and charged him with tax evasion.