Didn't my people before me slave for this country?


didnt they!? amadioha didnt they slave fort his nation?

Hiyo ni police station ama ni slums?

These structures were first erected for colonial British soldiers and sometimes local colonial askaris. Police posts, police stations, and prisons with colonial military legacy have them. our leaders didnt bother build better permanent ones or even add some more. Most times that unit is shared by two or more personnel with all their clatter (girlfriends, wives, and children).

huezi convince askari atoke kwa io kitu. wengi huwa washazoea

Tha fak?

They love it. Ukienda kamiti hizo quarters zao ni kama ocha tu. with all grassy space and empty land. There is also no shame because its away from public eye. everyone in that enclosure appears equal.

The money was budgeted for but eaten by some senior officer:rolleyes: