Did you know

Last Saturday i met some young chap during rugby.
Affluent,sophisticated but down to earth.
Nigguh studied in some university in US.
So jana we decided to meet and he told me something that no one has ever bothered.
Its about the telecom industry.
Did you know the guy behind airtime credit is a Kenyan?
What do i mean by this.
Every time we run out of airtime the telecom giants can give airtime which you pay later at small fee.
Now the dude used to work with GP Morgan and that’s where it all started.
He got the capital formed a company, armed with some program and now every fee that is charged by these telecom giants be it Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda goes to his pockets.
After some quick calculations i just shook my head with my mouth wide open.
Now you know.
We are discussing various ideas with him too.
Some which i have never shared with anyone but everyone needs that service.
Watch the space.

Please write in understandable engrich. Seems like an interesting thing, lakini osungu napotesa meaning.


Yaani the guy behind Okoa Jahazi?


I think this nigguh is simply tellin us::::lets go and study in the US first …am i gettin right ??

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okoa jahazi?


I know the same nigga, has offices in westlands ,they are doing the same in west africa too !

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Julian Kyula?

Julian Kyula CEO MODE and senior pastor Purpose Center Church

@madova chungana na “con-men” …They all have juicy stories but in the end you will go drying.


Am doing a thesis to polish my osungu Mrs mureithi

Now you are talking.

Not sure of the name but i can confirm.

Buda boss,The nigga is too real man and am shrewd too.

Chief,I didnt say that.
All am trying to do is to inspire guys by stating examples.
sometimes the ideas are just beneath our noses you know.

Thats the number one rule of being a con…“make believe” . Am not writing him off…Just saying take caution bro.

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This leads me to one question…ukiwa na biz proposal to telecom giants where does one start

Wewe unafunga saa ngapi? Ama wewe Kobe?

Kufunga iko bro na kazi lazima ifanyike ila sina wa kunitengeneza futari na daku.:D:D
Juzi ulituwekea picha hapa kukoroga roho zetu bure.

Sasa ukisema hivyo kuna mahali nimekwama na petroleum industry cutting across players like total,shell,oil libya and the rest.
Nimeshidwa how to approach them too.

now are we talking about Julian or that dude?

All you do is find the chief information officer of the telecom and start trying to reach him to make a sales pitch. But you better be good at what you are trying to offer. There is nothing that u have that is not already out there. And you will be trying to oust an incumbent supplier. A difficult proposition. But it can be done. Good ruck.

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Well for me its a proposal on how they can improve a certain service for betterment of both their customers and still improve their profits

Bas. You need the chief marketing officer Ama a regional lead like a regional director. Get your product / service ready together with real proof of where you have done it and it works and start pole pole networking. Hao huwa Sugu. Alafu wanajiweka majuu. But if you have something that will make them money they will listen.