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That you are hundreds of times more likely to be discriminated, stigmatised, persecuted and wrongly judged (misunderstood) by religious people than you are by atheists? The more religious they are the more danger they pose!

Note, sikutaja Christians at all! Nimesema religious people.

Actually, Christians are the best religious people in the world! All the others are not very good!

There’s shinto,they have been around for thousands of years yet follow the same doctrines with no breakout sects. When you say christian,do you know there are seven forms and 45000 known denominations, a futher countless sub-denominations and different version bibles?
Each of them claims they are true christ’s followers hence nonstop wrangles and mind boggling self enrichment .You claim to be a christian but you’ve already vindicated other sects…contrary to your TYPE of christianity preaching peace and tolerance towards other religious sects.
If anything YOU are a not so good christian. Goes to show how religion is always two faced and prone to violence

No I did not

Very true …but usiwahi sahau this photo , japanese early history is similar to many others places where blacks settled…look


Long read…
I will take the information with a grain of salt.
Not to disparage the info,but,besides art,there’s never been concrete proof that they settled there,no decendants,no dna .

It could be a coincidence,the china,india and greece dynasties were started by dark skinned folks

The olmecs resemble blacks for sure but there are south americans with chubby nose and full lips closely resembling the Aeta of philipines,low forehead,flat round face, low cheek bones… they are dark but not considered as negros
You could argue with the San people,but they were not sailors for sure

Another example are the Kalash of pakistan[ATTACH=full]381723[/ATTACH]
and the Levantines originally from lebanon[ATTACH=full]381724[/ATTACH]
They are not considered as white by today’s measure but characteristically most ‘whites’ are no doubt their decendants.

Blacks dont have residue in all the countries mentioned as started,ruled or occupied

Coincidence because ancient humans recorded on carvings whatever they didnt understand and was of importance.A black stone,wall art may be misrepresented as a black person
Take for example the Vanuatu Yaohnanen tribe they worship Prince Philip as a reincarnated volcano god’s son. They too believe that uk and vanuatu were once joined…how? Hata sijui