Did You Know This About Money?

Your banking account is now regarded by the Global Financial System as the bank’s property and may be confiscated by the authorities to pay obligations and bank debts.

The precedent was set for seizing bank accounts under the doctrine in Cyprus. Citizens woke up one morning to discover ATM access and their banks locked. In Greece, they were only allowed to withdraw 60 Euros per day.

What am saying is. If the economy nosedives, the banks will not suffer. You’re the ones who’ll bail them out. If the government runs into headwinds, they can legally seize bank deposits. It might take some gymnastics like defaulting on local government bonds, but if they had the will, it could happen. I hope it happens so people can stop voting with their tribes and vote for policies



Happened in Argentina too.

Whindi wakiweka pesa kwa matress tunawacheka. Banks ni ya watu hawajiwezi kutumia hata one bob na mpango. But inabidi sisi wengine tuweke tu huko

And Venezuela