Did you know that this lady is Kalenjin???

[SIZE=6]Her full names are Betty Chemutai Maina na ameongea Kitugen kwa mazishi ya babake Karoney. She is the CS for Industrialization. I always thought she was an okuyu lakini kumbe she’s a Moi ‘youngster’ like Ruto.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Kwa hivyo Ruto ako na CS wengi sana in government sijui shida yake huwa ni gani. And all these Kalenjin CSs mentioned Ruto in their speeches at that funeral using the Kalenjin dialect. Including Chelugui.[/SIZE]


I understand the Kikuyu, Luo, Some Luhyas, Kalenjins among others use the name MAINA.

You are the tribalist in chief

my uncle, a luhyia, is called maina…a name he inherited from a great grandfather. Btw Maina is a clan in butsotso sub tribe of luhyia

Maina is a name found in Kikuyu, Luhya, Kalenjin, Kisii, Meru, Maasai, Mijikenda and Turkana tribes. Even in Nigeria there is the name Maina in a certain tribe

Bado unajaribu kunitroll kijana???

Hehehehe. Wacha kujienjoy kijana. You are an amateur, small boy.

MAINA is an age set. It is shared by Kalenjins, Kikuyu among others. Sometimes MAINEK in Kalenjins.

Na kwani hamuoni event live?

We are at work

Where do you work Mr. Mbitika? Or what industry?

Procurement officer in a level 5 hospital

You must be very rich shifu

Not so much

Everything with moderation.

I know some guy who’s a procurement officer in HomaBay starting 2017 but he’s suddenly very wealthy, we all know how though…

I take precaution not to involve myself in any shady deals and mar my career so early

That’s wisdom that many people lack. Watu wanataka waomoke immediately

I don’t want quick riches. I have an uncle who messed up in his early 40s in a very good parastatal job and got fired. He leads a very sad life nowadays. Wacha nikule kidogo but for long.

There is no way a procurement officer can fail to steal because even the head of the hospital and entire management are expecting a share of procurment theft.
If you don’t steal they all come together to get rid of you.

I am telling you the truth about myself. No one can remove me because I am here due to my credentials and experience. If shove comes to push, I can even resign from the institution with a clean record to boot. God will make a way elsewhere.

Am not surprised with your thinking. This is the mentality with all Kales, you steal everything to the ground.