Did they fire the wrong ps


waliongea kikale wakaekelea okuyu… @FieldMarshal CouchP mnafinywa makei… revolt you should

The fired PS was in charge of malaria whatever


nani mwengine amecheki kuna KENOTHIA inajiita MISTER :D:D

All health programs include the covidiot umpteenth ,fall under public health

That is why ,the government invoked the public health act
Lakini people first comment and get facts later

We must bash kikuyus and show them how stupid they are!

Elimisha sisi basi, what does that mean? She was the accounting officer for kemsa?
Or now accounting officers will be throwing the ball to each other?

Does it mean if government get rid of unnecessary ps slots we can end bureaucracies? Since I am sure ps must approve all large expenditures under their dockets

Gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama,

Keyboard warriors claiming to know the president’s job and the inner workings of the government than the president himself.:smiley:

Lazima kieleweke. :smiley:

The President is there to serve the people and not do things as he wishes simply becaue he is the president. If we go by your logic then tomorow if the president will order the evacuation of an entire community from their ancestral and then bado utamsifu tu beause he is the president.

Kabisa especially those who lost elections. They’re still in anger ruto won.

In their haste to criticism Ruto, idiots are exposing themselves badly.

Malaria control comes under public health dept of the fired PS…

Who sat down with the Global Fund? It’s hilarious seeing bovines wakijifanya watetezi wa wakikuyu. Already they’re the fiercest defenders of muthamaki yet they coined the name mlevi jicho nyanya

Anyway cope harder orangutans