Did Somebody Intentionally Allow the Hamas Attack?

I tend to believe that the hamas attack yesterday was by design. Remember, war is good for business ya wakubwa.

Kenya should send troops to help Israel.


Or the Israelis want an end to the 2 state solution? Now they have an excuse to occupy Gaza

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BBC wanasema IDF had ntelligence coz they have spies within Hamas but overlooked Gaza strip and concentrated more on the West Bank.
Big Blunder…
350 israelis are now dead
Over 2000 injured and
Hundreds more are in captivity.

President Ruto is typing and deleting…


Israeli domestic politics starting with the corruption case against bibi and also his fight with the judiciary. There have even been demos… 3D chess lazima

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Anus licker jambass anatuma soja lini

Hapa nashuku Netanyahu intentionally allowed this to proceed. Given the domestic pressure he has been facing this was a welcome distraction and the whole country would rally behind him

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Refocusing world attention from Ukraine failing mission to middle east

Once the cash is right. Ni biashara at the end of the day.