In 2014 he was tragically shot by a bar owner… and it was reported on ktalk

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Report clears trader in student shooting
Mar. 04, 2016, 5:00 am

A ballistics report on a gun suspected to have been used in the shooting of a university student in Bungoma town two years ago has exonerated a suspect.

The examination by firearms expert Alex Mwandawiro has absolved businessman Joseph Waswa, the proprietor of Club Etonia in Kimilili town.

The family of Mitch Kibiti, son of Bungoma Public Administration chief officer David Kibiti, has been seeking justice since the shooting on August 30, 2014.

It is alleged Waswa was involved in the shooting following an argument with patrons.

He was arrested in Kisumu a week later and charged with Kibiti’s murder then released on bond.

The report says the pistol examined did not match a bullet cartridge recovered at the scene of crime.

“Comparative microscopic examination of Exhibit B2 [one expended cartridge found at the scene] in conjunction with the three test cartridge cases fired in Exhibit A [the pistol] did not reveal any matches,” the report says.

It says examination of some exhibits provided by the investigating officer with three test bullets fired did not reveal any matches.

The Bungoma-based investigating officer provided a Ceska pistol, eight bullets, one expended cartridge and one fired bullet for analysis.

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