Did Ethereum Just get Hacked! Again??

Top altcoins must haves in Jan. your thots?

Important question. @denis young jibu hii. Your input is important

Binance, but to deposit you need an alt coin kama BTC, LTC , ETH etc.

Nyoka wewe…:D:D

My go-to method of identifying crypto’s is first looking at the community behind it. Second is also how it is used. I have a bit invested in Waves at the moment.

Mine are
-Bitcoin Gold
-Wagerr [Kind of a gamble]


Shit kumbe ni hii stuff, ata niko na account connected with d.tube

Most people quit especially if they are starting out bila investment. I hope you are earning from it ama uligive up.

earned less than $1, uploading videos on d.tube is so frustrating.
have you earned good amount?

I think I posted here that I get paid certain amount by a client huko. I have earned over 400K in Kenyan Cash. But from posting about 100K.

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Buda siunichanue

Ether hiko strong

Do you know the meaning of a ledger?
It is simply a book of records. Its going down or not has zero consequence on your personal Ethereum holding.
The only way your crypto is at risk is when the wallet storing it is hacked.

Umewithdraw ata 1k? Ama ni pesa ya hewa unahesabu?

Why would I even talk about money that is not in my pocket? That is how I even deposit money in my 1Xbet. What I can’t believe is that there are still people who think crypto is a scam.