Did Ethereum Just get Hacked! Again??

Crypto HODLERS… The ETH ledger just went down! Like the entire site is unreachable. Anyone panicking…there goes kids college tuition, and retirement savings funds.
Time to go back and buy a small shags plot for twilight years and live final years like TESLA or Van Gogh.

Tuko ripple na hatusumbui

15 mins later its backup. But what just happened?
This was enough time for a quick inside job. Bring the web server down, inject the trojan horse while lights are out, then wrap up and hope no one notices after a bounce.

Mr. hostman, Sijui when ulipanda hiyo matatu ya Ripple, lakini I would not be smug given the price drop lately. From 3.00 to 1.97 in a week? Hapo you must admit ni kutandikwa. Also it seems to be heavily manipulated.

Here is some XRP insight I found best. Take it as a thanks gift coz of your services here:


Nakumbuka nikiwaambia muigie steem. Bei ilikuwa $1 ikafika $8. Tena SBD ilitoka $1 ikafika $15. I think I have made about 400K na hakuna pesa nimeinvest.

Dude…did you speculate with money you couldn’t afford to lose??It’s been rough yesterday and today. I am down 6% in 3 days. But cryptos are less than 10% of my portfolio so I cant lose sleep over it. This is pure speculation, so you shouldn’t have used your lunch money.

I hope hii mwaka ikuwe kama last year or better.

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Unanunua ripple wapi?

Kumbe pia wewe uko huko Steem?

Zii. Mimi siko Steem but niko crypto hii mwaka. Watu walivuna sana last year so ilikuwa resolution kuwekelea.
Link: Cryptocurrencies - Business - Kenya Talk

Haiya! Mimi sikuwa kwa hiyo thread, ebu leta insights huko inbox nitakurushia katem kasupu

Better late than never. Crypto is where the money is right now. Bitcoin ata siwezi guza.

BREAKING: Bitcoin PLUMMETS as police raid major cryptocurrency exchanges[/SIZE]

[ATTACH]150277[/ATTACH] time for the bulls …

Kwanza kitu safi 1gb ama 2gb siwezi kataa. Ingia pale steemit.com ujionee venye watu wanakula pesa na kijiko. You might also be of help juu najaribu kuunda bot fulani using their API.

Ebu leta link

Wacha kujiongelesha

Steemit.com. You can also buy Steem or SBD on exchanges.

meffi…nitasema mara ngapi mimi sina handle ingine…funda!!

lemme check it out

Sawa @Quanstrom salimia @Voltron