Did Cohen deserve the dish served?

In my opinion may be he deserved, this jungus(especially the old ones) sometimes mistreat this gals because they have the money. They take them through hell: gangbang, dog bang, chunisha them sukuma and all kind of crazy cravings/fantasies they’ve thought of and then use money as bait to keep them, the gals rarely benefit much and thus the reason they end up doing crazy things like this, so if in this case the bugger was like that he then deserved every bit of what happened to him.

Either you are an old jungu speaking from a position of expertise, or a living victim of gangbang, chunishwaring, dog bang, etc.

That said, no murder is ever justified.

The girls know what they are getting into. They are not innocent.

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It comes with the territory.

Crazy conspiracy theory: Cohen’s sister and the husband know something that we don’t.
However, that biatch wairimu if she did the heinous crime, is probably the dumbest and the most cruel person on this planet. She deserves to get whatever is coming her way…

Nah… this is a guy acting like he was cornered, telling everone in sight that his life is in danger.

He doesnt strike me as the kind of character to do the dog bang stuff to someone who isnt willing and the wife doesnt look like the type who would entertain such nonesense unless she is willing.

Also emerging details show that she was having an affair and the jamaa, some dude called Peter Karanja was involved.

And btw they were caught because some worker cracked, just I had predicted jana hapa

The whole stinks of a woman did not want her hubby anymore but couldnt leave cause she would suffer a drastic change in lifestyle

Majority of the white people are racists. Wairimu has said that his husband(Cohen) subjected her to racism. It’s painful especially when coming from your better half. White people experiment any fantasy on black people. Black people act as targets for all the demented shooters in USA. Why is the malaria vaccine being tested in Africa??

That said, murder is never justified.

That septic tank is too shallow for a body to be hidden there for a month without being discovered. Most probably that body was dumped there after the wife was arrested. The tank does not have even water. The smell should have been felt everywhere in that compound.

Earlier media reports said that CCTV video showed the victim leaving his home but never returned. This was corroborated by his workers. The question is, did he come back dead? Who brought him back? Is somebody incriminating his wife because he knew of their disagreements? Who is to benefit from his business partnerships apart from his wife?

That wairimu harlot is the most foolish criminal I have ever heard of. How do you murder someone and hide the body in same compound? karura forest could have complicated her implication. She cooked her pussy very well. The prison wardens will feast on that nunu like silly!


yani mjulus ime overtake buruwaain in thinking

hehehe ktalk CSI at their best… hii pia tutasahau very soon madam achiliwe on bail… kesi ichukue miaka… lack of evidence etc… in a few years time the case goes cold…

Hii I doubt. When you have the Dutch govt involved communicating with the kenyan govt over the case at the highest levels, I doubt hii case itakua merry-go-round kama Obado

Israel na Holland wameingia kwa mix Haiwezi dedi ovyo

To some extent. But not for the reasons you have given. Instead of going straight for divorce he should have gotten a seperation order because the woman was abusive to him. I know he was old and probably frail hence unable to match violence meted on him. How can you allow your wife to hit you? Even if you allow her to hit you, then you should not live together because one of you is going to end up dead.

Just like jowi and Jackie maribe of the famous fuck n kill case

After being hit, the first thing he did was to go online, with blood dripping down his face.

atleast hawa wakiwa in the mix tutajua ukweli kabisa… juu for now wife looks very guilty but like someone mentioned… what if she is just the perfect scapegoat?

It’s a very delicate case, to the extend that Interpol will be jetting in to unravel more details that require technological expertise