Did Breaking Bad have even a single regular black actor?

Cannot recall any…


Gustavo Fring. He maybe speaking Spanish, flying a Chile flag, but that there is a Black man. Also Lavell Crawford, Humpty Dumpty himself

Gustavo was spanish.


It is the SouthWest and specifically NM. There’s not alot of black people in those states. The population in NM arranged from greatest to least based on race is Hispanic, White, Native American, Asian, Black, and others.

Makes sense.
Blacks are only 43k in New Mehico. About 2.7%.
However in the show they are are portlayed in a racist way as fat, thieves and lazy…by the character of that kneegro in the show. He is a security guy to Saul Goodman but is always dozing :rofl:


Lakini Spanish is not a race. There are Black Hispanic men.


hispanic too is not a race. if you are from spain you are white, if you are from latin america you are a latino. same way anglophonic, francophonic or even slavic is not a race. they are just white people.

You don’t need to integrate all races in a Tv show to be good.There was no Chinese,indians,Arabs etc

Turedio kama unataka kunyonga Kuna ebony twinkie

Weka mbisha priss.

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Uyo Ako Kwa avatar ya mono baller