Dick, the Architect makes a corporate erection

No one would even notice…

For WATAMU, a dick is definitely needed!

wacha nisikize carter V polepole


:D:D TF?

Inspiring :slight_smile:

Some days you have clients wenye wanaudhi so you provide a giant fuck you in the nicest way possible

iko pale China:


:D:D:D:D:D:D… saitan! The fire works and lights display is messed up.


Bomoa kabisa

Kings and their architects have always built phallic trash when they have more money than sense…

I do understand the architect… Considering the country where it’s located, they can only dream of seeing such a huge erect thing…

Noma sana… I am sure they had a shot time Cumming up with a design…

Mtaona Ezekiel Mutua hivi punde akiban hiyo nyumba. Reason? You cannot ejaculate heavenwards.


Looks like upuss album.

Even assholes got opinions

Kunguru 001, Uko sure you are not doing your apprenticeship ( or whatever you architects call it) Huko ?

:D:D:DSssshhhhh… I’m a woman of mystery.

KICC comes to mind… Was it a rip off?