Diasporans suffering extended dry spells

if given a chance to choose btwn an average working kenyan guy and a similar mzungu guy… ata wewe unajua who would be chosen…why are we pretending…


Hahahaha not this fool again. Funny that lots of us are married to the Kenyan man…and yet Kenyan women are considered quite liberal.
These girls prolly saw him as a ticket to their dream of going abroad as it happens quite often. So not a good example.

Nope,down under iko sawa hata wanubi wararua kurarua,sijaskia lolote

And she didn’t know he was like this before? It’s fairly easy to tell.

Yeah our ladies do not realise hawa jungu men be smiling and all around you but they don’t really care about you, they think wamekufanyia favour some of my jungu friends from Britain used to go to Kenya to sleep with our ladies left right and center calling them a “snatch” fucking used to hate it but I also had many walami girlfriends so nilkua nalipisha.

:D:D:D Chunga sana…sometimes you come out not too far from us reaching to that conclusion on a day of reckoning from our assessment… :D:D:D