Diasporans suffering extended dry spells

A diasporan revealed to me yesterday that with the recent wave of anti immigrant sentiments in the west, it has also impacted dating prospects of nywele ngumu out there. Apparently nowadays immigrants are a no go zone for fear of social ostracization by the mzungus. Also black immigrants are mostly assumed to be lanyes, so mzungu keeps distance juu ya hiyo story. Wenye mko kule Trumpistan ama Yurp ama Kangaroo Country, is this true in your experience?

You are fumbling a lot for a person who is enlightening us.

I know a kenyan lady who was dating a jungu coz she doesn’t tambua kenyan guys. Well, she broke up with him after he insisted that George Floyd died of a drug overdose, and not police brutality. That’s when she realized the man she was in love with and ready to buy a house together was a dyed-in-the-wool racist.

It appears Floyd just can’t seem to go away in peace. :D:D

Okey Mike Okoth, lets get nyews from our English correspondent, over to you miss White wine…?..

Vile @Panyaste★ atasema

Sasa amerudi Kwa Mandingo ama anaenda Kwa mchinku na wahindi?.. She be prejudiced as well… Prolly got what she deserved

Watu hupambana na tumadharau tudogo in interracial relationships, but they stick there because “white skin is the right skin”

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I think dating in the west is just as complex as dating in Kenya. Let’s say, tribes. Or clans or whatever. If one gets caught up in color or such superficial things, they’ll almost always lose. There’s lots of white people who are more adverse to racism than the average person. In short, they’re blacker than black lol . And then we have uncle toms to content with. Your friend may fall in that category. If , she didn’t know what she was dating all that time, she’s either slow or she had blinders on. The latter being more likely. All in all, I wouldn’t say dating has gotten bad or even less. Same all!

Maybe it was the jungu that broke up with her and not the other way round. Then she created that fake story.

A Kenyan lady dating a jungu is after money, and a dissenting opinion about George Floyd is not going to make her drop her ambitions and leave just like that.

There is more to the story she didn’t tell you.

I have always advocated that folk should identify the diaspora they are talking about. So where is this happening since in the United Kingdom it is BAU? when you blanket things, you sound like those folk who label all of us as Africans just because of the colour of the skin.

Infact the people I know that that have been played thru this Covid are Kenyan mamas whose hubbies were stuck huko. Now that planes are flying bado they are dilly dallying about coming back. Hihihi…

Sana sana US and Western Europe. Aussie sijaskia maneno yake

Tuko tu sawa we have enough of our ladies out here then kuna walami easy lays…

I agree with you

She’s taking a break. Her baby daddy is a Kenyan and their break up was very nasty to the point he sued her for alimony and won. She has a high paying job while he was one lazy bum, allergic to work. You can now appreciate where the bitterness is coming from, but as the chama ladies, we tell her rather these Kenyan men (the devil you know) than an American mzungu.

On the bright side, Floyd’s death helped open her eyes to this man who she was heads over heels with. I’m very skeptical about interracial marriages because there’s no way the racial issues occurring in the news won’t affect the relationship. I’m certain that every white person carries some prejudice against black people, and making that switch from loving my black spouse vs being anti-black is an exhausting mental exercise. Bottom line: stick to your kind!

Nah she broke up with him. She actually gave him time to redeem himself but he insisted that Floyd was a thug who got what he deserved. He also made some racist comments about ghetto blacks. A black man could have said the same exact thing but to hear it from a white person who you thought didn’t see race, based on his decision to date Black, was very hurtful. I agree with her decision; those comments betray a man who lacks emotional intelligence.

@Purple are you married from home, ama a certain West African Oga nigga

most african women don’t care about race or are ignorant about it , bora pesa , our women will even go to saudi arabia bila kujua how the world thinks of black ppl and esp black women … when a woman is with a mzungu men or basically non-african men , they will endure hell coz they have an inferiority complex , having a mzungu husband is a fantasy …they will endure bdsm , anal s*x , vigorous BJ and domestic violence from their white racist husbands… too bad

Kitu moja nilikuja kurealize way later in life, over 90% of Kenyan women wako chini ikifika stori za upstairs. Ndio maana wanadanganyika virahisi na hawa maforeigners aka Naijas and Jungus.

Hizi Stori zote zililetwa na Caroline Mutoko akichocha madame ati mwanaumme ni pesa. Ndio unapata dame akona boy amesota and the love is genuine. Lakini the same chick akona sponsor analipishwa hyo ikus sawasawa. Dame akiachwa anaanza stori za sour grapes eti I can’t find a genuine man who loves me for who I am.


Ata Dr.Dre alisema vizuri, "But you can’t make a hoe a housewife."

That’s why unapata akina mama wanadefend Mama Ngina vehemently yet they don’t have a clue that she’s been taking loans na jina ya Kenya.


It’s obvious wachochezi wamekanjwa like always.

The Bible clearly states that The Love Of Money is the root of all evil.
Get it. Sio Money is the root of all evil. That’s why dame anapenda pesa is a huge red flag to me.

That Gold digging friend of yours falls under that category. She’s now reaping what she sowed. A wise man once said, as you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

A million lies in one post smdh. I would not even know where to begin. I can only say these are your own personal thoughts.