Diasporan obliterated after coming home for retirement


Not surprising. There in NY, you find lots of Nigerians who have never visited home in decades. And have no desire to. They keep in tune with the culture, stay connected with their country men in social activities, are successful. But they never visit home. Last time many were back home is during the Biafran war.

Wacha hio sasa? many okuyos who have family in Europe…and when i say family i mean grand parents, parents, uncles, cousins etc walisahau Kenya kitambo. I was with an old geezer juzi and asked him kama anaenda home for xmas …jamaa told me to my face ati kwenda Kenya kufanya nini, kwa nani? ati watu wangu kama wote wako huku


He has a point. Would you bother visiting Kenya kama relatives wote including parents wako majuu??

To modify a quote from Westworld, “Kenya is not a place, it is the people”

I once posted about how I don’t come to Kenya that often and you and Thiem said it is because I do not have any money.
It is not about the money…it is for the reason you have posted above. My siblings are out here…I see them from time to time…the only people in NBO is my mum and my sista. My mum was out here juzi visiting us all so I have no desire to come home. My sista is here every so often to visit her kids in Uni. The world is big and there are 94 countries to visit and cheaper. Kenya is a very expensive destination high season. Tickets pricy, relas asking for money…it is not a holiday. Afathali I mpesa that cash to schools and hospitals…
And btw our shudren are not going to return…so most of us are opting to be buried here…

I thought you left Ktalk for good and blocked me :D:D I told you that it was pointless to block me because you like me. See who is quoting me now with a shiny new handle :D:D

Lastly, that statement in red says it all. You avoid visiting Kenya because you are not rich enough to do so even once a year. Ningekuamini if you didn’t go ahead to rumble about the costs, hapo umejiingiza.

I did not leave KTALK…I wanted my handles deleted so that I do not have to defend myself to a well calculated ambush and the malicious lies being told. I apologised to anyone that was offended including my husband…so pls do not drag that line of I thought you left…not buying it…you had also blocked me which is cute…I like being blocked back so that folk do not moan about my annoying posts yet they are there reading me from fullstop to coma.

Back to the topic…

You’d be more believable if you didn’t keep complaining about costs. There are pointers that you fail to visit Kenya because you cannot afford it.

  • Expensive destination
  • 94 other cheaper countries to visit LOL:D:D
  • Tickets pricy

Those 3 were in your response and it doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines. @Finest wine there is no harm being broke in the diaspora. Nobody will judge you. If the real reason why you don’t visit Kenya is because most of your relas are there, you wouldn’t feel the need to complain about costs and expenses. Peace

Value for money, there are never a cheap or expensive goods or services if you have earned your money.

Being broke ni wewe…I am not going to waste my money on a boring holiday destination. I work hard, I play hard too. So do not speak for me. Let me not even engage in this debate as we have been here before.

We have been here before, and you blocked me. And then you signed up using a new handle and quoted me first. Wacha makasiriko madam. Being broke and unable to visit your homeland is not a crime.

Okiii I am broke. Happy now? but in the new year we are off to some carribean island. Then Kenya midyear for my ruracio…I am not going to Kenya just to be bored…nein.

Nigeria has become like Kisii, you come to visit. Unarogwa. You die. End of story. But Nigeria is in a league of its own when it comes to insecurity. Too many funny cults Sijui yahoo Boys and badoo.

These adjectives Nigerians use makes one think he was killed with an RPG

Poor guy. It’s time kenyans abroad figure out ways to bring their family members over like other ethnicities have done. In America there were waves of Irish immigrants, Poles, Germans, Belgians, Russians, Asians. Africans should make UK, USA, Australia, Canada their new home and forget the misplaced heart ties to the motherland. Most people over there hear you live abroad and become envious anyway, so why make the mistake of retiring amongst such? Family is anyone who loves you unconditionally, not necessarily someone related to you.

What’s an RPG?

Nani it’s Christmas , where is your holiday season cheer? Ni nini unaingilia mama wa wenyewe? Uchokozi achia chokosh. Being a bully is a sign of mental, spiritual and psychological poverty.

Fwack that…then end up in a nursing home ukizeeka. Not to mention racial discrimination that goes on. I love being among my ppl…na ujinga yao yote.

There are enough white people and black Americans who migrate to Africa and just love it. Personally I just can’t stand cold weather, racism and the sense of alienation in western cultures. Plus the speed of living there. I prefer the laid back way of life here. The issue is that association with people who are not of your social economic class is dangerous. Be it relatives, friends, people you date or marry anywhere in the world . I will attach some videos. I follow true crime and I have seen a pattern. Most people who have been murdered are murdered because of associating with people who are not at par with them. For example housing homeless people who are involved in crime. The videos are below