Diaspora Remittances

Kenya’s top foreign exchange earner. Our top export is labor.

So msishangae why GoK turns a blind eye to the bonobos who go to Saudi and get slaughtered huko. It is in business.

It will pretend to care, but never ban peasants from travelling to Saudi for work.

The government doesn’t really care if a few peasants die but hundreds of billions keep rolling in every year. Hao ni collateral damage.

Yule jamaa wa kukamua ng’ombe za Abdalla alienda wapi?

is saudi even in the top 5 sources of remmitances

Yeap. Kenya gets 25B from Saudi yearly. Outside North America and Europe, Saudi and Qatar top.

Hizo remmitances zitatufutiwa njia ya kutaxiwa na GOK

Hizo remittances are what allow us to import vitu. Otherwise kungekua na massive dollar shortage. It is also a good way of tackling unemployment.

Remittances are like our secret weapon. For context, in one month, we rake in what TZ collects for a whole year. Whats more, Kenya alone collects more than all other EAC countries combined + Ethiopia.
Otherwise tungea knee deep in shit kama Nigeria na Ghana kwenye sai ukitaka dollar unaambiwa Ile line iko mbele yako inaongoja cumulative ya 10bn usd na hawajui zitatoka wapi any time soon.

Today I learned.

So in general Kenya is a little ahead of her neighbours because it allows labour to go to oil rich middle east countries

Nevertheless, hiyo kazi ya kuenda ku slave abroad, mimi ningekuwa peasant, I would have gone when am below 26, rake in good money (even though while suffering ) then come back when over 26, & begin something over here.

You may be surprised ukifanya hivyo you may be far quite ahead than most people huku walienda university na wewe labda hukumaliza class 3

Lakini ambieni hiyo serikali ya majambazi mlipigia kura kwamba punda amechoka.
The Kenyan diaspora in Europe and America for the most part left Kenya in the Moi era and have consistently invested in Kenya religiously ever since.
Until the Uhuru regime they went unrecognised for their contribution to the Kenyan economy and if anything just got abuse for kuosha tunyanye etc…
Now it looks like the tide is turning and your new government seems hell bent on taxing investors especially in Real estate which is where diasporans mostly have their funds invested in.
Sasa ambieni hiyo serikali yenyu kitu moja:
The children of most of these Kenyans in diaspora are all grown up now and really are not indebted to any loyalty in Kenya.
If anything, they dont owe Kenya anything and will happily be tourists or Not when their parents are no more.
Kenyans of a certain age in the European and American diaspora are increasingly reversing their investments in Kenya back to majuu in the interests of their children but mostly for the contempt that continues to be displayed by the current serikal.

Home will always be home. Mtarudi tu.

Home is where your clothes are.
Life is too short for any free thinking human being to be tied down by fear and taboo.
Migration and adaptation are the biggest characteristicts of any living being.( Form 1 Biology)

How’s Kenya collecting more than Ethiopia when Ethiopia has a larger diaspora? Any theories?

My personal opinion out of experience is that Kenyans are very loyal to Kenya and those tu-bangles people wear with the Kenyan flag can not be under rated especially when abroad, They mean a lot. Kenyans love their country and are proud of it unlike the Ethiopians and just to mention Tanzanians.
Secondly: and if i may say it so myself: Kenyans abroad are really hard working and focused compared to other Africans.
Kenyans leave their country in a bid to improve it .
Most other Africans i have met abroad leave their countries to abandon them.

The only other Africans that never forget their country are Zimbabweans who i think we have the most in common with in so many ways anyway.
I wouldnt be surprised to find out that as small as they are in population, Zimbabwean remittances are statistically larger than Ethiopians and Tanzanian`s combined.

Most Kenyans also retire in Kenya,Very few remain abroad all their lives

The OP was on exporting labour. Earning dollars $.
Looked at that way, remittances are our lifeline.
Serikali iangalie vile watu wataenda Hungary wazaane huko walete pesa nyumbani.

I have a nephew who went to Kuwait at the age of 25 and is almost completing two years of his 3 year contract. The good thing is the company where he works provides accomodation, transport to work and lunch at work. He is therefore able to save almost the whole salary and send it to Kenya.

When he comes back at 28, he will have a big head start and still young with no family commitments.

Take off your rose colored glasses my friend. Nobody leaves Kenya to improve it.

We however have a semi functional society and we believe in buying tu-plot in the name of investments.

Also because of this nature of being semi functional it’s only working age individuals that make up our diasporas rather than whole families including the very young and very old as in the case of Somalia and Ethiopia. A consequence of this is we have wives and elderly parents at home that we are obligated to support.

The location of the diaspora is also a major factor. Those in the middle east can only spend that money in Kenya while a North American diaspora can forget about home without much anxiety.