Diaspora Black Tax

Watu wanakapitia kweli. This past weekend I met this guy X at some Kenyan restaurant apa Bidenstan.

We happened to talk about Kenya for a while and then somehow the conversation steered towards RELATIVES and their constant demands. Homeboy had taken the responsibility (willingly) of taking care of his aging grandparents in some rural place uko Nyanza. His idea of doing so would lessen the burden other relatives had and instead direct their money to their own personal projects. It sounded like a good idea. I mean, instead of sending Omolo 5k and Otieno 8k then these two would use the cash to support the grandparents si afadhali he frees them of that burden? Great idea. That way, relatives wouldn’t rely on him as they would now have enough money to sort their issues because Guks/shosh were already being taken care of by this homeboy from Vumbistan.

Mambo ikaanza kuchemuka. He started them off with a monthly stipend of 10,000 KESH. Not bad for two old people with zero responsibilities. Unfortunately, the other relatives would also feel the need to support the grandparents even if they had been freed of that responsibility. They would then pester the homeboy to still send them cash. Alafu the grandparents would still ask the relatives for handouts every now and then.

Now this guy akashindwa Kwani watu wao hawana akili? Anyway, the grandparents started complaining that 10k sio enough so the guy increased the stipend to 15000 hoping that the drama itaisha. Wapi? Mara pesa inaisha Kati Kati ya mwezi. Mara relatives pia wanataka pesa. Kila saa nipee nipee nipee. The guy is in his twenties na hao relatives are in their forties and they have kids. This guy X is young and has zero kids so it’s like everyone in his family is taking advantage of him.

After much thought, he increased the stipend to 20,000 KESH thinking that this would completely erase all the problems his grandparents had. The expectation was that they’d stop asking for money from anyone else and so kila mtu would have enough to support themselves ; the relatives could use their own cash for their own needs without the grannies calling to ask for more money.

Wapi, the grandparents walianza kusema ooh gharama ya maisha imepanda mara sijui dawa ooh, mara sijui nini. Eventually, the guy increased the stipend to 25000 KESH every month and he’s been supporting them for the past year or so. He was now asking me what he should do because the grandparents wameanza siasa tena sababu wanataka mtu wa kazi.

Unashindwa these people wanafanya nini na 25000 ushago?

I told the guy to tell them he has lost his job so he can no longer support them just to see what unfolds. Kijana anasoma kwa bidii anapata kazi mzuri only to end up supporting ungrateful and greedy relatives. Relatives hawananga huruma. Mimi nikipata texts WhatsApp naambianga mtu if it’s so urgent go buy credit and call me story inaishia hapo.These fuckers can’t even use 200 to ask for huge sums of money so they’d rather not call.

Vindu vichenjanga!

Hapo kwa 10 to 15k ndo angenyamazia. Kwani ni orphan ama ni wale wanatupwa ocha na wazazi wa kanairo when maisha decides to do that thing?.. speaking of which,wazazi wake pia hawajiwezi?..if living?

First, 25k is like 200 usd. That should be pocket change. Second, he should say no. It’s so easy. Mimi i have never felt the obligation to send black tax, granted no one at home needs it so i just send nikitaka, siku nitaambiwa nitumange x amount monthly I just say no. Wale cousins me huwatumia ni once a while wakizoea i usually tell them no.

Watu wana survive on 20k in kanairo. Ndio rent, food, fees na bado jamaa atabakisha something ya kwenda kuosha rungu Sabina Joy. Hao relatives wameona cash cow.

The guy told me he fell out with his dad and his mum took the dad’s side. So kijana alitorokea ushago to his grandparents. In short, his grand parents are now his parents.

He is not in good terms with the parents. In fact, he recently learnt that his own parents were struggling but he can’t help them sababu they would refuse to even pay his school fees na wakamnyima birth certificate when he was trying to get a passport to go pursue his studies abroad.
He’s a very interesting fellow.

Imagine. The grandparents have a nice house on a 2 acre piece of land. The 25k ni ya good na miscellaneous expenses.

The guy is doing well for himself. He’s a Management Consultant at a consulting firm (one of the top 3).

It’s peanuts to him. He’s a management consultant with one of the big 3 consulting firms.

Tunajua uko hapa muchatha

Ambia jamaa aongee na local wholesaler. He sends the money there. Grandparents wanachukuq shopping ya 6 months since wako wawili tu. Most money hununua food. Its cheaper to buy in wholesale. The rest of the money is used for miscellaneous.

You should not make another human being be dependent on you. io ni kufanya relatives wakuwe slaves.

Akikufa ao grandparents na relatives watakula nini?

Kila mnyama anafaa kujitegemea

Si wewe unategemea anus licking jambass upate mkate


The guy doesn’t have a problem with sending some money. $200 kwake ni pesa ndogo because he easily spends $1k+ a month on soft life uku majuu. So to him, that small token is an appreciation for his grandparents. Ile shida iko ni ati HAWATOSHEKI. They want more and more.

Ati akikufa? Boss, unless hao grandparents ni wajinga and don’t save anything out of 25k every month then basi ni shauri yao. It’s easy for two people to live on 10k uko ushago na hiyo ni soft life.

Well…you just said they took him in after afukizwe kwao. So nashangaa why he wouldn’t spend on them na ako mbb

So unasema anaspend 1000 usd on soft life but anacomplain akiitishwa only 200? Such a mean guy. He should be sending them around 50k. They raised him.

50k? Wacha bangi. Wafanyie nini ushago? Having money doesn’t mean you dish it out like potatoes ovyo ovyo.

Are you that guy? Because you have weird takes. Mtu anasave aje from 25k? Ata kama ni wazee. Aheshimu watu walimlea bana sasa anaona amemake it anawaona kama burden mbona

He’s already spending on them. In what world does someone receive 25k every month without fail? Nani hii Kenya atakupatia iyo pesa without expecting anything at all in return? Ata hao billionaires unaskianga don’t give their relatives money. 1k handout na wamejitoa.

But ni wazazi wake…people give to their struggling parents

Boss, I’m not even in finance so wacha bangi. Alafu soma vizuri. He has no problem giving them money. It’s that they expect way too much every time. Show me a person who dishes out 25k every month without fail to anyone uko Kenya? Good people are few and far in between.