Diana Pregnant


Digiiiii kivisi



Ati Diana Kunguru, alete mbisha na efdense

I’d sue this opportunist for elder abuse if I could. If they do find that she is indeed pregnant and the child was fathered by a 93 year old who has clearly been seen forgetting familiar people’s names, she’s got a case to answer. That’s just rape. She needs to be kept away from old, vulnerable people.

Maneno ya wapendanao unayaingilia kwa nini? Hata wazee hukula soft boiled meat.

ok…first of all,“staunch” Christians don’t willingly become mistresses so she should stop hiding under that…na akubali tu ni pokoste wa kawah.then gideon should just chill and settle hii kitu chini ya maji juu ikienda kwa coti mzee will be compelled to toboka a lot of cash upfront(juu we all know mugabe ameenda curtain raising) ya kumaintain huyu mtoto for 18years

Isn’t it funny how some christians behave??so it’s okay to fornicate but not to abort??Selective sinning, smh

It’s natural to have sex

Digiiiii kivisi

Dung beetle.

kang’ura (clitoris). mbene

The fact that anaitwa Kang’ura…smh

You should hear her third name…

She might have been one of his common law wife. Is there anything in Christianity that prohibits a person from being one of many wives? Having said that, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Just because a Christian gossips, does not mean that he should not be repulsed by rape

God’s favourite prophets were fornicators, think about that.

“July that i realized that he had accidentally got me pregnant”.

That is insult to ‘alpha’ Moi

Context my friend get in context.

That’s some fake words in the Bible, to make people think it’s OK. Who wrote the Bible!