Diamond's new song.,. Tanzanians artists invest in their videos., Ona visuals jamani


2019 onwards huyu msee anaiba ujinga

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He goes with the trend.,. This is what is hot in the market. CLUB BANGER

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The beat is always the same, only lyrics change.

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Mr. Blue alitesa enzi yake kwel kwel. Nice to see he is breaking bread with the real OGz.

Jamaa aende retire abaki as a legend ama aendelee kutoa ngoma za kishebedoo achome legacy yake

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Jamaa wa kuchukua kiddies and nursery school rhymes na kuzigeuza kuwa “mziki”.

Gengetone budget haikubalishi buana. Pia hapa the song is too “Americanized” yet it has an uswahilini feel. The irony in diamond wanting to look like an Omarion of sorts!

One of these days Diamond plantinumz is going to blow his way out of the kabat as a raging homosexual. Watch this space.

Wewe jaribu kuingia studio tuone kazi yako

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Speaking from experience

There is no artiste in EA who has better and more expensive video’s than Diamond. ubaya wake is that almost all his recent songs are stolen, from either upcoming new artistes or ma oga.

Imitation is the art of literature even big names like chris brown dj khaled sample songs. Unaweza ingia studio uibe song uvume?

alafu uweke auto tune so you sound really good. Lakini huwezi fanya live performance, itabidi lip syncing

We don’t have music producer talent in East Africa. His music production is done in south africa where they have the talent and equipment. Unfrotunately, they don’t know swahili which isl imiting

No, this song is produced by famed Tanzanian producer Laizermusic

You definitely have not heard of Samidoh or Joyce wa mamaa

lol…video za hawa ni low budget…ata hazipiti 150k

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