Diamond Property Merchants Cons Members Chama Style

Hundreds of members are weeping like toddlers after the said firm swindled them of millions of shillings.

This is the new scam just a week after Cytonn sank with 3 billion shillings of members’ funds.


Why do Kenyans keep getting duped into these property scams??

@Randy tupe analysis

niaje leo hauna theories?

This is one of the reasons why you see people getting shot in the highway ambush style.

Unarusha mtu life savings zake alafu unafikiria utakula kwa amani.

Middle class problems

the saddest part is that those thieving bonobos will never see inside of a prison

Watu wa ingie Kwa crypto … [SIZE=1]maneno ya mashamba watuachie sisi landowners.[/SIZE]

Watu wengine wakikashifu wezi wewe unafaa kuwa umenyamaza.
Kwanza wewe unatumiaga mabavu

:Dnimekubali wewe ni wa kina gideon

willing con merchants willing members.

Diamond Properties is owned by an MP from Meru…Kabeabea is his popular name. There is a close convergence between our politics and scammers, am not surprised at all.

Good news ia that lately bodies have been showing all over the place

it used to be a good company, just heard the founder died in 2019 or thereabouts , the current ceo ndo anacheza hizo games za cons.

The founder ni the MP. They began well but the usual greed and the stupid stunts, like hiring a chopper to take the director MP and akina King’angi/Maina to the shamba for project launches and title issuance - once you see that it should be a redflag. The con has been in the works for a while since they introduced the ‘greenhouses with guaranteed returns’. You know what that means

And another similar company will come up and people will still invest. Kenyans are stupid.

Mimi nilisare kununua ma shamba na mijengo dubious. I decided to load up on dividend paying stocks. Safe and sound. Though pia kuna risk ya kuchomwa when a stock crashes. Hii utapeli iko kenya is on another level

Huko bottom kwa 150 hamnaga shida za cons ama?

Another bites the dust

wezi wakule risasi , street justice