Diamond Platnumz

For the First time nimeskiza ngoma ya Diamond Hadi mwisho. Good song[ATTACH=full]164160[/ATTACH]

Sawa, name the medal you want us to award you.

Medal ya kufikisha Threshold…

:D:D:D:D you guys…

I never fancy this silly ass demi musician god of tanzania.

Haters everywhere

Haters gonna hate but Diamond is great at what he does. That’s true if you’re a fan or not

He doesn’t listen to his mum…and shit be hitting him bac-hard than pokot’el stones

See that’s the problem with fans nowadays. Just enjoy the music or whatever art the artist is producing.
Personal issues like relationships and drug use are a waste of your time.

Gwara gwaraing to this beat!

Stop hating. Diamond Platnumz is one of the greatest musicians that Africa will ever have. This guy has music in his veins…if u want to confirm check his “Behind the Scenes” videos…this guy is very bubbly and even directs his videos ma fren…talent right there.
His videos are just soo delicious to the mind…unless u dont understand Swahili. The only missteps he has done is marrying and dumping Zari…and changing his natural teeth…

Diamond Platnumz is a real gem.

BTW @Ka-Buda your hero Diamond is arriving on this shores around end of June. Ngugu the date utaiona. My ngels will be there so speak to me vvv nicely.

pictures of the ghels or it never happened

Nitatuma. Nimo, Shiko, Bobo (Wambui), Wangeshi(Kesh), Njeri, Carol, Wakamau will all be there in all their glory…be careful tho. Some have swallowed @Koolibah kule Mushatha. No hide, no skin, no hair.