Diamond Madd after Tanasha Donna converted his son's IG page into her foundations page

Yep. Blackout is the way to go. I knew this proud Luo woman wasn’t going to go down like the rest. Sasa Hana contact na mtoto hata Mwona kwa social media like his kids with Zahra. Bye Sperm Donor.Uzuri kijana anafanana na Tanasha. Time to move on Mr. Diamond. Leave your exes alone. Dawa ya mwanaume senge ni moja. Complete blackout na unaedelea na Maisha like he never existed. Mtu akikuonyesha madharau kama hii. Give him blackout hadi kwa mtoi. Let him be unable to recognize his own child if he will ever see him again. Big Up Tanasha Donna. Songa mbele kama injili.


Asante ya punda ni mateke.

But keeping a child from a father who has not denounced him/her is punishing the child too. Children need both parents. Unless the father denounces the child, he should be allowed to interact with him/her… not for the man’s sake, but for the child. The pain mama anaskia akiachw ni very understandable. But keeping the child from the father is forcing the child to share in your pain when yeye hajakataliwa. I think couples should just beef all they want, but keep kids out of it. Don’t hurt an innocent child in the name of revenge.

Diamond follows his kids on social media. Aone wamefika wapi but he’s a dead beat dad. When did he physically go to see any of his children? Never. So Tanasha is just taking her son off the internet. If Diamond wants to see the child apande ndege aende mpaka kwa mamake. Period. No more following him on social media. You are either a dad or you are a sperm donor. No two ways about it.

But unaona hats mtu mwenye ha-support, presence take to kwa mtotto ni muhimu. I had a friend whose dad and moms separated tukiwa chuo. Baba ana doh, but mama Ghana kakitu. The man moved house and akafunga any contact the woman could ever have with the kids. I remember one time aliconvince mpaka shule isiruhusu mama kuingia. The separation messed the boy up vibaya, and he was an adult.

Aki hats mzazi akiwa dead-beat, muache tu awe na contact na watoto. Children need to know that the people responsible for their lives care for them. The very presence of a man and that phone call is very important. Just because kinyang’au kimeamua mtotto hatalipia fees, usiamue na wewe at on top of that motto asipate contact ya mzazi

Between Tanasha and Diamond who needs the other one more? Akikata support miezi tatu Tanasha atamtafuta mwenyewe.

Donat Akasha should stop being selfish and let the kid have access to the father.

Safari ya mapenzi bado inaendelea