In the forthcoming dialogue between Nabii and Baba, I see one of them getting the short end of the stick and it will not be Nabii.

sasa unataka tufanye aje?
tuandamane ama tuvamie ichwaweri kwa gatheca…

noogle ii

Okay, noted with thanks.

Do you have a hearing problem?
Because no one said there would be any dialogue between Nabii and baba.

As Ruto told him from the start, any talks would be through constitutional bodies. And it came to be.

Legends here will remember when Daniel Moi engineered a truce with BABA …

The plan was to give him a few crumbs and compromise him after the merger …

KANU Party faithful were running around in jubilation proclaiming … " Jogoo Imemeza Tractor" …:D:D

  • Vice President George Kinuthia Saitoti lost his job.
  • BABA solidified his position.
  • The dreaded Section 2A of the Constitution was repealed and shortly thereafter , Moi went home …


Don’t mess with BABA … :D:D