Dialogue this, Dialogue that!

Isn’t if funny how these westerners are telling us to practise what they themselves aren’t doing?

No Teump/Clinton dialogue
No Macron/Opposition dialogue
Ni Merkel/Opposition dialogue

I mean, what is democracy if everyone gets what they want?
No to dialogue. Let Raila and Nasa own up and agree they lost. They should hold their heads high with dignity.

King Solomon taught us one thing; that the real mother wants the baby whole, but the fake mother wants it split in two.

I don’t think I can emphasise my point any further.


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King Solomon taught us one thing; that the real mother wants the baby whole, but the fake mother wants it split in two.


best sum up!!


Why can’t these guys just be locked up already, whatever they will do or not on the 12th is treasonous, hii serikali inangoja moto iwake ndio waje kuzima!!


Mcoondu if you follow politics go rant among your equals in Zimma, Embakasi, Kibra, Kawangare, Mathare…

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Niaje King poop?

King Cheddar… my p/No. Starts with 199812xxxx

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Clinton( nor her cronies) has never asked for dialogue.
di·a·logue- Def: an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue:
Whats wrong with that?

In this case, it’s a guy with a single misfired bullet looking for something akin to a country to rule. It’s an attempted power grab via the back door.

Don’t be mislead by the crooked media. The envoys haven’t asked for dialogue. They have been very categorical that all parties should follow the constitution. This is what RAT is ranting about. Following the constitution means confirming he is reTired. Their no provision for a losing candidate in this constitution. However the envoys said should both parties agree to talk, they can mediate. Sasa UhuRuto are laughing asking them to state openly to the public what is the agenda of this “dialogue”? Only after that can they even begin to consider their request. Waombe kazi pole pole. All the opposition leaders are just 4 people. Jubilee doesn’t have to give 4 people jobs in order to serve people. UhuRuto will reach out to every citizen in Kenya through providing service and development to all 47 counties. That will be more beneficial can keeping 4 great fathers from the retirement home.


A lot of people running Helter Skelter over nothing. Relax. Rao is a wise man. He knows where to push the correct buttons to keep em half asleep, looking from the corners of their eyes.

Wise?? HA! He is smart. He is clever. But by George this man is nowhere near wise.


If not, show me one politician who has remained in Top politics as long as he has. I would think you would need some kind of wisdom to achieve this fete.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D more like guesswork to his gullible followers. He can’t revert time, history or old age. His biggest worry right now isn’t UhuRuto but time itself.

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It takes cunning and shrewdness. Not wisdom. Wisdom is non of those. Wisdom is sacred.

Ok. If you say so.

Babuon is at his wits end.
Even a fool can see what he’s upto: he’s trying very hard to be taken jail so that he can resuscitate his chances of remaining in the limelight. He reckons that once he’s jailed, Kenya will start burning and he’ll be called/begged upon to come and save the situation.
But something is not working right for him.
He can’t understand why UhuRuto are ignoring him yet he’s their equal¿¿¿…


The ‘Mugabe’ wisdom

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Kwanza don’t be in a hurry to know the new cabinet. UhuRuto aren’t in a rush. They already have a cabinet working, projects being launched, contracts signed and operations moving along nicely. The opposition is in panic, looking for relevance and without direction. They are afraid people are moving on and they can’t keep their attention for long. They tried ordering their few MP’s to skip parliament but it was ignored, they each have personal ambitions plus the allure of Parliament is too much. They tried delaying naming its allocations of committee members but it only led to internal infighting, speculations and wrangles such that they had to fill them to keep the opposition from splitting. The lesson here to Jubilee is to be patient and let them stew in their own oil. As they try to look composed in the day or in press conferences, they keep on sending people to lobby on their behalf. Mara unasikia madvd can make a good CS Treasury. Mara watermelon can be a good CS foreign affairs and lastly some still hope a PM post can be created for RAT despite the constitution or a chief CS post:D:D:D Ukiskia RAT saying “forget the constitution” its not about his fake “swearing in” its begging for cabinet slot. Wacha wazee waendelee kuomba kazi.


Just listen to the excuses you are making for Raila. Soon you will be telling us that he has tried so many times so he deserves to be president.
Even moi, a dictator, knew how to lose gracefully.


Which excuses ?