Although Arror is sitting at the high table, many people doubt whether his seat matches his status. Power should be accompanied by connections.
I wish him a good fortune in his war against parasitic owners of capital.

Kenyatta, Moi and Odinga families must pay taxes

Not easy for royalty to admit a chicken seller to the high table. For them pedigree/lineage matters more than the office you occupy hata kama ni ikulu.

Gideon and co. are nobodies. wakae kitako waonyeshwe njia. We know who’s Caesar.

New connections can easily be created, new powerful people can be created…by now it is evident that those “powers” aren’t really that powerful …or he made connections with the big of the bigs

Hii Kenya hakuna mambo na royalty…60 yrs of democracy can’t give birth to royalty…hii Kenya going forward anyone can be “royalty”(moneywise) coz the bar is super low

The Lords in the UK have more power than the PM. Tafakari hayo. Coz you are born a royal and will always be a royal, but a political office is a passing cloud.

Mr. Amefanya Kazi Buuuanaa, hujaacha kuomboleza?

If other mafia dons decide to frustrate him, he can’t do anything

Even in the villages, power is wielded by certain families and not the chief/MP, and the chief/MP has to pay homage to those families.

Shhh! You’ll cause another meltdown

Sai we are living in different times bana…sai kuna new money and new power…nobodies can become powerful if they secure the bag and the powerful can become nobodies if they lose the bag…hio maneno ati ya certain families having power sema huko non developed areas huko mashinani… ata ushago kwetu new money new power talks

True , today’s generation doesn’t respect anyone older with money but can’t buy them chrome. Viongoss wenye pesa za kununulia vijana jaba na materials Dio wako na power round hii hata kuliko president :smiley:

Caesars are not infallible.

Arror is not a pushover, if they Punch he punches back. He is battlefield hardened and has been proven and tested, hata Kama ni kunyonga its not off the table.

I never said he is a push over

Urongooooo si Bill Gates alisema GMO jambass akasema tufungue flood gates,l

Kasee umeongea ka ukweli hapo. Tuma till:D:D:D